Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sick sick and sick

I'm not in a good condition. Had sorethroat since Sunday. I didnt go to work on Monday. Then came his twin brother.... flu and his step sister... cough....

I called my lecturer yesterday asking permission to 'escape' his class today and tommorow.

My coursemates sms and called me since last nite. I did give our group assignment to one of our group member yesterday before he left to Kuching. I also emailed the other two of my group members (they gave me the wrong email address...... hrmmmm.....)

This morning my friends sms me ask for a hard copy... wawawawa.... I dont know what to do... I did my best to finish our group assignment and i need their effort too... Actually there are 6 of us in one group. Get it???? Anyway, they didnt give me a pressure..... just asking but its seems that i didnt do my job... get it?

My life? Hm.... let me share something with you. What do you feel when your 'friend' say something bad about you infront of other people? Friend? What a friend for? I dont trust anyone ....... except Jesus.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Sarikei Air Pollution Index - 196. Unhealthy index.