Sunday, February 15, 2009

Six random things about gracie

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So here we go;

1. I'm 28 coming to 19 this year
2. I love coaching.
3. I have 2 kitten(here in Kuching), 2 puppies, 6 cats and 1 stupid dog called Bonny but I miss bonny so much.
4. I hate lipsticks, eye liner, mascara, moisturiser, sunblock but i love going facial.
5. I'm 46kg and 157cm tall... still need another 3 kg for an ideal weight or shorter 3cm
6. I got 9 unit (Agg 1) for my SPM in 1997. Can't believe it until today...

Next person to be tagged

Wong Li Hoe
Mark Kadus

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a quick update

Sorry for being MIA for about a month. Quite busy with my new life plus my laptop got virus... dont dare to transfer or open any files.

hm... there s a lot of stories to tell... Thanks to chris for calling me yesterday. I miss you too... Thanks also to some of Kuching bloggers for your call and sms. Not forgotten my Sarikei friends, Mary, Christine, Wong Li Ho, Sula, Tony L, Rahim Geng etc etc (mun aku lupa nama sory lah... tengah ngantuk menaip tok).

I did celebrate Chap Go Meh with my cousin at Riveria last Saturday (advance) and maybe I can call it as house warming also... hehehe....

Aduh... so sleepy... ermm... some pics for you just to let you know what happen to me all this while...

Albert's engagement day. This is the first time I attend the Dusun's and they have the 'hantaran' for the girl. I'm holding one of it...

The Bajau's wedding...while everyone is busy with the groom and bride, I'm busy with the horse... hahaha... Sorry la Ida...

The modern Iban's wedding... saja aku nak sabotaj orang yang baju putih tu...

Isk3x... on my way to Kuching... (masa nak pindah la ni)

Be brave grace... u r not alone... wawawa...

Hai... nama kamek Bubles... kamek sayang menar ngan Grace

Kamek pun sayang ngan Grace. Kamek suka makan pau. Nama kamek Panda Kepul.

Sayaaannggg Grace... Nama kamek Pikor Tabun. Kamek suka minum susu.