Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Life, New Begining

Its quite a long time i haven't write anything here... its not because i don't have time. The reason why is because i don't have any idea on what to write down, plus i don't have camera for my own. Pity me...

We are very close to the new year. I'm totally excited as well as I can say my 2009 was a mix... all bad feeling, good feeling added together. First six months was a terrible moment as I was trying to adapt with my new environment in Kuching... woke up early, drive for 20 minutes every morning instead of walking for 5 minutes when i was in Sarikei. Work more than 12 hours per day... no weekends was quite miserable... and my night ended with a lonely feeling but i thanks God always there by my side, fulfill the joy in my heart.

May this year I met LTL, my precious one... We met at Bukit Jalil National Stadium during the state athletics's meet. We both busy with our own work and don't have much time to talk with each others. But a night before we went back to Sarawak he asked for my hand phone numbers...But we haven't started yet... We just went out once (during the meet together with others coaches), what do I expect from that...

Yup.... we did sms for few times during our very-very free time. Sometimes I totally forgot about him. In my mind, he's just one of my coach friend and we might meet again next time. Furthermore, he might be someone's special, so...what do you think??? Aku bukan perampas... hehehe...

Then, after Gawai... I was sent to Bukit Jalil again for Little Athletics's together with 8 athletes from Sarawak whom represent Malaysia. One of them is his athlete. The night during arriving he sent me a message, followed by another messages (of course i replied la).... lalala... happy moment started here... wink wink... After we did some serious discussion eg the distance, age, origin etc... we agreed to try (we started with a trial relationship)... gosh....

July, I can't really felt that we are in love. We just met once and the rest just sms or phone call and we have language barrier some more... So, I make a plan which my friends describe as crazy. I fly to Miri to met him for the second time but now as his girlfriend. Everyone who knows the plan was so worried and they keep on sms me when I was with him. Hehehe.... Everybody loves Gracie....

I just cant believe that our love grow so fast... hahaha.... i spend two days in Miri and he sent me to Sarikei and meet my parent. Of course both my mum and dad quite surprise with me bringing someone back without any clues... kehkehkeh...

Now, we belong to each other, no turning back but looking for a brighter future a head. He's crazy and he drives me crazy. We speak Chinese-Malay language. Sometimes no one can understand except us which is good. He always shows me a good sign of being a lovely husband and father. I trust him although sometimes he hits 140km/hour on the road. No ice cream, more water, more vege, he keeps on reminding me everyday... I eat healthy food when i'm with him (only)... huhuhu...

O dear *sigh*... what a drastic change in my life but I'm so happy with it. But, sometimes I just felt that it was a dream. We both studied in Miri, using the same road, Bakam Road as he studied in Chung Hua and i'm from SM Sains . Maybe we already met each other during the sports meet, inside the bus or some where else in Miri... who knows. We have a very different life after we finish school which i felt we will never meet each other unless i go to buy something from him but a slim chance la because he's in Miri, what can I buy from him?

He just started as a part time coach when we first met. I do believe that this is God's plan... or else our path will never cross...

Still dreaming??? Nope... hehehehe...

So introducing my one and only... Lim Teck Leong....


Love Never Fails...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hi again

A quick update from Kuching.it's hot out there.what a busy day at school.Having tea with some new friends and LTL.And yes,tomorrow is my 19th birthday.How I wish he can stay one more day here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

To my hometown...

Perhaps some of you know where is my hometown. Will leaving Kuching this weekend for two weeks. No post i guess for this two weeks or might be more posts will come next with some new stories...

Just recover from a two months sickness. Took a lot of medication and herbs till i met specialist and she discovered my asthmatic returns due to cold and fatigue. After a week taking the medication for asthma, I jog. Hehehe... First day, i finished my 2km jog... second day 3km +++... Third day... zzzzz... hahaha...

I think thats all for now...... Have a pleasant weekend...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Matang dan Sempurna.

When I was in KK on Mac 2004 (first trial to climb the mountain), my guardian parent gave me a book Matang dan Sempurna. I did read it but normally I read the interesting chapter eg mengurus dan menggunakan wang, memupuk dan memantapkan generasi... and I said to myself, I'm gonna read the whole chapters in book when I'm quite ready to be a matured and perfect person. Alasan jak ya...

Every year I will looking for this book but it seems that I'm still malas to read. *sigh*

Somehow last June, I keep on thinking of it but I left the book in Sarikei. When I went back for Gawai, I forgot to bring it back to Kuching. Fortunately Debbie is coming to Kuching and I asked for her help.

Hurm... the book is with me now... I hope I can finish my reading and understand every single word before this year end. Berapa tahun dah orang hadiahkan tapi masih tak habis-habis lagi?... Apu!!! Bukan tebal sangat pun.. kikiki..

The book front cover

What's inside?
Sahabat Kampus bookmark...

This photo been taken at the same day the baby's parent gave me the book... He's now already in kindergarden... Hehehe... Kira-kira 5 tahun dah berlalu... Masih berspek lagi aku masa zaman tu...

And my inspiration to finish the reading *_*

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Some of my friends told me that i have a hectic live. Mungkin juak owh... But I really thanks God for this busy live because when i get busy i dont have much in my mind... Problems just passing by and i keep on walking or perhaps running forward.

I was in Bukit Jalil last week for the International Little Athletics. It was a great experience knowing and working with some big name in this field like Istiaq Mubarak and Marina Chin. Knowing Elizabeth Chong and her family is a blessing.

So proud with our boys from SSN Tabuan Jaya. Both of them won the gold for Malaysia and Nur Aisyah Ahmat broke the record in walk race.

Photo of me, Elizabeth and Mr Istiaq

Our last day at SSBJ... photo of me, Nixson and Reon

Nur Aisyah Ahmat - Best Girl Under 15 (Malaysia)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Aku Dan Dirimu

Ari Lasso feat. Bunga Citra Lestari – Aku Dan Dirimu

tiba saatnya kita saling bicara

tentang perasaan yang kian menyiksa

tentang rindu yang menggebu

tentang cinta yang tak terungkap

sudah terlalu lama kita berdiam

tenggelam dalam gelisah yang tak teredam

memenuhi mimpi-mimpimu malam kita


duhai cintaku, sayangku, lepaskanlah

perasaanmu, rindumu, seluruh cintamu

dan kini hanya ada aku dan dirimu

sesaat di keabadian

jika sang waktu kita hentikan

dan segala mimpi-mimpi jadi kenyataan

meleburkan semua batas

antara kau dan aku, kita

repeat reff

Lirik lagu Ari Lasso feat. Bunga Citra Lestari – Aku Dan Dirimu ini dipersembahkan oleh LirikLaguIndonesia.Net. Kunjungi DownloadLaguIndonesia.Net untuk download MP3 Ari Lasso feat. Bunga Citra Lestari – Aku Dan Dirimu.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pengumuman Tak Penting Sangat

Perhatian... Hornbill mungkin akan berada di KK pada 4-8 Julai ini....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gawai Stories

Just one week before Gawai somebody hit my car but I really thanks God for making a good decision for me. I planned to drive home alone either on Friday or Saturday to Sarikei. Somehow I felt uneasy the whole week like something is going to happen. To know more the stories of my car just visit Kemiding, my Iban's blog. Kalau tak tau Iban tengok gambar ja la...

Anyway, my Gawai this year turn up to be a very gila Gawai for me. I told my mum that I only back home before the Gawai Rakyat Bersama Menteri at my longhouse which is on the 6th of June.


Sula arrived and then we went for massage at Jalan Song.

Best aihh...

Sula went to Unimas for her lecture. I went shopping and do some cooking for Gawai Eve. At night we had a simple Gawai + Keamaatan celebration which is more like Christmas because there was no tawak, no tuak and no mabuk-mabuk but I really enjoyed it (except for bunyi tabuh). And yes I did download some Gawai song and Sayang Kinabalu from the internet but it end up with the bunyi-bunyian from the kids and the parents and sometimes from me (I thank God I'm still single and no kids around).

oh!! Since 1st June is Sula's 29th birthday, so we celebrated it also.

Sula malu-malu ajak budak-budak tiup sekali... ceh!

Tengok mata.... hehehe

Menu wajib...

We are the kids.. hehehe

1st June

We went shopping the whole day!!! At nite we attend bbq session for those who cannot make it home for Gawai and Pesta Keamatan due to kehabisan tiket bas and belon...hehehe. Auk ajaklah kitakorang sia....

Ini la muka orang tak dapat balik kampung...

2nd June

To clinic. Sick

3rd June

Send my car and met the guy who hit my car for claim. Then we went out for movie (not with that guy la.... with Sula)

4th June

Sick again. Sleep. No car.

5th June

Took an express boat to Sarikei.... to be continued... I have training with the kids at 4pm for Sarawak Open.

Cannot wait to play with Buble... wawawa

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Aku pergi sine tek???

Chris... cuba ko baca post yang aku ada madah aku maybe pergi KK untuk course ya... Apa pandangan ko? (Macam bersms la pulak..kahkahkah)

Hello... This weekend quite enjoyable for me as I can write two posts here.. yes!!yes!! Finally aku sik busy lagik. Bangun pagi tadik pun around 8:30am. Actually woke up around 4:30am looking for Buble (tok anak kucing aku...jangan pandai-pandai buat cerita bukan-bukan). Heran aku pahal pusak ya sik mauk tido ngan aku malam tadi. Cari punya cari finally I found her sitting on my sofa molah muka kesian sik bersalah. Then aku pergi dapur and I saw my last nite dinner leftover atas lantai. Nasib baik la ngot panggang petang ya dah simpan dalam peti sejuk.

Then aku sambung gik tido dengan mimpi entah apa-apa. Konon-konon mauk bersayur agik pagi sebelum pergi Shalom. Dah servis start pukul 9:30am, aku mandi pun 9:35 macam ya... Tapi rumah dekat jak... sikpa... (sukati jak madah sikpa)

Ps Peter madah jadilah saksi dan pergilah bersaksi. Secara sik sengaja, I hold my bible because my handbag already penuh dengan sampah sarap. I went to one of my favourite shop. Tauke tanya 'baru balik gereja ka?' Aku angguk jak. Then masa aku mauk keluar ke pintu one uncle tegur aku.

Ada gereja ka di kawasan ni?
Gereja apa?

Banyak gik la sesi soal jawab berlaku tapi disingkatkan

Uncle pergi gereja mana?
Saya mana-mana saja
Uncle datangla minggu depan, 9:30am. Gereja kami atas kedai sebelah sana tu (memberi direction yang betul dan jelas..)

Actually aku memang tak berapa suka pegang bible pergi berjalan-jalan. Ada beberapa sebab la...

1. Nanti orang fikir aku terlalu alim...
2. Lepas pegang, letak sebarang, then hilang...

Tapi kalau macam kes tadi tu, aku terfikir-fikir juga sendiri...

Okay... next. Aku plan lepas servis aku mauk pergi beli rumput and some flowers untuk mengindahkan taman lalang di rumahku. Sebab aku free so aku sik mauk buang masa. Lama-lama kelak ngumpat orang sebab banyak masa terluang kan? Tapi sik tauk macam ne aku boleh balik rumah... then nangga CSI. Kak ya ari pun ujan...

Menjawab kepada soalan di atas tadik... kepada sesiapa yang berkenaan (bukan Chris)... aku maybe pergi KK bulan lima sebab ada Kursus Kejurulatihan Spesifik. Mun sik tauk apa-apa iboh molah cerita mensabotaj orang. Bukan ko yang bayar / sponser / hantar aku pergi sinun, so ko sik tauk apa-apa...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sometimes when people had a lot of time until they dont know what else to do, they will start gossiping and memfitnah and membuka cerita...

Few days before a friend of mine from somewhere somewhere sms me and told me.... 'ada orang ngumpat pasal ko.'

About what? Heh... aku pedulik apa dengan mereka-mereka itu.... Memang selalu cemburu dengan apa yang aku ada. So what... ??? Rasa tercabar ka?

Well... kepada orang-orang yang selalu sik puas hati ya... eee... aku sik paham la... I never ever miss them... NEVER!!! But they still miss me... always talk about me.

Keep on talking about me... so proud of it because your main reason is JEALOUSY. Makin aku suka gik molah kitakorang jealous. Sapa suruh? I deserve for what I get because I struggle for my own life. Sikit-sikit jealous... sikit-sikit jealous. Sik da kerja lain. Cuba la pergi melancong ka, belajar baru ka, berkebun ka, molah projek memajukan kampung ka, baca buku Bahasa Inggeris ka... sik la hati ya rosak mauk fikir hal orang lain. Dah ya pandai BI, sik la ngumpat orang dengar orang kelaka BI. Tok dengar orang kelaka BI pun padah ngeso. Dah ko ya sik pandei BI, diam jak la... jealous.

Hehehe... thats all...

Ada gik... lain kali, mun mala jak menjeling-jeling orang pakei nite dress pergi dinner, beli la sendiri kak ya try pakei. Sik la rasa sakit ati nangga orang lain kacak, diri empun sik...

Sekadar memberi nasihat untuk mengurangkan penyakit sik suka nangga orang lebih dari diri sendiri..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coaching or Teaching?

A week after started coaching the athletes for MSS Sarawak, I received a fax from my former school. Stated there I had an interview for pemangkuan DG44 bla bla bla... Hehehe... secret.. secret...

I hate intervew (I guess 95% readers agree with me). I hate when I have to start 'menghafal' everything.

Earlier in the morning I keep on thinking, I'm I going to that interview? What should I do if bla bla bla?

A few coaches called and sms me. Giving support la konon but they wish I failed the interview. Cis... sabar jak la aku.

Somehow, I went for the interview. Everything seems to be okay and I have to wait for another 3 months for the answer. In the other hand, I love coaching. I love being with my athletes, talking with them, sharing all the stories and knowing their background.

By the way, I might going to KK for a course this May... hehehe... I wish...


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Six random things about gracie

Post the rules on your blog
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So here we go;

1. I'm 28 coming to 19 this year
2. I love coaching.
3. I have 2 kitten(here in Kuching), 2 puppies, 6 cats and 1 stupid dog called Bonny but I miss bonny so much.
4. I hate lipsticks, eye liner, mascara, moisturiser, sunblock but i love going facial.
5. I'm 46kg and 157cm tall... still need another 3 kg for an ideal weight or shorter 3cm
6. I got 9 unit (Agg 1) for my SPM in 1997. Can't believe it until today...

Next person to be tagged

Wong Li Hoe
Mark Kadus

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a quick update

Sorry for being MIA for about a month. Quite busy with my new life plus my laptop got virus... dont dare to transfer or open any files.

hm... there s a lot of stories to tell... Thanks to chris for calling me yesterday. I miss you too... Thanks also to some of Kuching bloggers for your call and sms. Not forgotten my Sarikei friends, Mary, Christine, Wong Li Ho, Sula, Tony L, Rahim Geng etc etc (mun aku lupa nama sory lah... tengah ngantuk menaip tok).

I did celebrate Chap Go Meh with my cousin at Riveria last Saturday (advance) and maybe I can call it as house warming also... hehehe....

Aduh... so sleepy... ermm... some pics for you just to let you know what happen to me all this while...

Albert's engagement day. This is the first time I attend the Dusun's and they have the 'hantaran' for the girl. I'm holding one of it...

The Bajau's wedding...while everyone is busy with the groom and bride, I'm busy with the horse... hahaha... Sorry la Ida...

The modern Iban's wedding... saja aku nak sabotaj orang yang baju putih tu...

Isk3x... on my way to Kuching... (masa nak pindah la ni)

Be brave grace... u r not alone... wawawa...

Hai... nama kamek Bubles... kamek sayang menar ngan Grace

Kamek pun sayang ngan Grace. Kamek suka makan pau. Nama kamek Panda Kepul.

Sayaaannggg Grace... Nama kamek Pikor Tabun. Kamek suka minum susu.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bye 2008, Bye Sarikei....

I got transfer to Kuching....!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 is 29

Its not difficult to calculate my age as i was born in 1980... This year i'm 29 years old and not bad to say that I am anak dara tua... or maybe anak dara tak laku.. kehkehkeh...

For those who end up their single status last year, I would like to congrate them. For those who still looking around and plan to end your happy/single/precious time this 2009, all the best.

29 is just a number.... I'm still 20's....





Rita Rudaini married a man that 11 years younger than her... lets calculate mine... 29-11 = 18....



A Form Six students...!!!