Saturday, July 30, 2005

Grandpa's funeral

19th July 2005
Grandpa admitted in Sarikei General Hospital.

21st July 2005
They said my grandpa just need a rest.

22nd July 2005
My dad, aunts and uncles didnt satisfy... brought him to Rejang Medical Centre.

23rd July 2005
They said my grandpa is in critical condition. Transferred to Sibu General Hospital.

25th July 2005
6:58am - My grandpa left us due to septicaemia with paralytic ileus (dont know what is this) according to the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
10:10am - I was informed by my colleague
12:00am - Arrived at long house... famliy members left only grandma and I, the rest was in Sibu. Really dont know what to do...
3.00pm - Grandpa's body arrived from Sibu

28th July 2005
Grandpa's body burried at Pendam Adong

May his soul rest in eternal peace

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Words from the Bible

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The last pic with grandpa

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Flowers for our beloved grandpa

Deeply missed by all the family members

Friday, July 22, 2005

Last Day?

After finish the school yesterday I rushed to Sarikei town to buy some stuff for BBQ this weekend. The Girl Guide goin to Sebangkoi Country Resort tomorrow with their teachers (dunno who...hehehe)

On my way, I called home, asking for my grandpa condition. My mum answered the phone and she told me that he need an operation but none of his sons and daughters were there to sign the form (Chen... what form aaa????). Aunty K supposed to be with him but she didnt come after Aunty M went back early in the morning. I was surprised with that... and feel like want to 'bzt bzt' them... (29th July 2005 - good thing they didnt operate him. Specialist said he is very weak for that... he might left us earlier)

My actual plan is hanging around buying the important things first before visiting my grandpa. So that I can have more time to kacau be with him. I rushed to hospital and meet Uncle E, Uncle R and my cousin T at the hospital canteen. I took my breakfast lunch... 1 'panggang' and Ice Lemon Tea.

I saw lot of my family members... I thought they want to visit my grandpa but why so many???? Then, Uncle R told me that Aunty R is in coma. Instead of visiting my grandpa, I went to the female ward to give my last respects to Aunty R. I saw her husband and her kids sitting around her... While waiting for her Form 3 son from school... her daughter packed all her belonging. She doesn't has much time left. I can't imagine the family member's feeling at that time.

Everybody in the famliy are quite ready for this but we never expect it happen in this short period of time.

I left the female ward with a blur blur feeling... I want to see my grandpa... He looks so ill, make me scared a bit. When he saw me, he hold my hand and start to complain and talk about a lot of things. I asked him to sleep, get some rest.... huh... sorry... he kept on kacau2 the drip tube (duno the name of that thing)... complain the water didnt drop at all. Aiya....

4.30 pm, visiting hours... my relatives come to visit him. I went home after buying some stuffs.

8.00 pm, my dad arrived home. Aunty R is no longer with us anymore.... They had bring the body back for the funeral. Then, this thing cross in my is Aunty R last day... How's my last day would be? When? *sigh*

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Washing Machine

My mum called me this evening. My grandfather admitted in hospital due to his gastric problem. I can't visit him today. It's quite late already...

My washing machine ROSAK!!! Its mean I have to wash all my clothes with my tiny little small hand. Pity me.

My mum : What are u doin?
Me : Washing my clothes (minta kesian sound)
My mum : I'll ask your dad to buy new washing machine for you Hahaha... use hand? (continue laughing)
Me : (sabar ajaklah aku)

Plan to visit Fred KK this coming holiday.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Active Girl....

This is Fred's comment in Sunday Morning.... "don't buy that you posted one. That for lazy girls only. This one is for active one..."... Wah... thank youlah. You know your sister not lazy but very active... hehehe.... To all ladies who did bought that cam... em.. em... dunno what to say.

This is the one that Fred suggest me to buy...


  • 7.2 megapixels (effective)
  • 3x optical zoom
  • autofocus only
  • program and manual exposure
  • JPEG file formats
  • proprietary Lithium-Ion battery

During the class this morning, we did discuss about the mineral salt content in the soil. I asked them... what should we do if the soil has a small quantity of mineral salt? Then this clever boy told me... put the salt and pour the mineral water....

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday Morning

I woke up early this morning but still late for the morning service. I met N on my way to the service... I'm not alone...hehehe...

After the service, I sent N and JB and bought some vegetables for lunch and dinner. Plan to 'enter' the kitchen today since my friend, Sula went back to meet her parent yesterday. I bought kailan and long beans. Haiya.. no camera to prove that I'm cooking today. Should buy one this month.

My mum called from Sarikei town. I know they miss me and Fred. Only lil sis at home... she conquer everything... pity her. Heh... She's damn bored being alone at home. Luckily the two crazy dogs got nothing to do during the weekend... at least she can talk to them.

Called Fred... ask his opinion on digital cam. Btw, do you have any suggestions for me? My budget around RM1500 - RM2K. How much this one will cost me?

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1 Digital Camera
Megapixels: 5.1 Megapixels
LCD Screen Size: 2.5 in
Optical Zoom: 3 X
Digital Zoom: 2 X
Tomorrow got match. If Pian and I won the game, we'll in the semi final... But... if we win the semi final, Pian can't make it for the final. He's going to Bintulu. Aiya!!!! What to do... (sound like we're in the final already...ceh!!!)... Anyway, we dont care, lose or win... just play...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Thank You....

Thanks especially to Chen, Chrissie and Chris for their words of encouragement. I really appreciate that. Btw, dont worry about me... To Chen, I'm fine. You are so kakak.... I wish I have a big cece like you. Hehehe....

It just for that nite only and the next morning I almost forgot what had happened to me. You know la... that symptom for that sickness.

I talked with my friend during our lunch today. We talked about all sort of things... Then come to this topic that always make my wounded heart bleeding... 5 minutes later I laughed again.

I called my mum after having my lunch. She complained for being alone at home. My dad has a motivation talk somewhere, lil sis went to swimming pool with her friends and me... here... still in this forest. Oh ya... Fred... struggling to be a hot guy in UMS... I call my mum to tell her that I'm not goin back this weekend... Migran for this few days so its not a good time to drive on the moon (lubang..kawah...debu..) My mum told me she found the old photos of mine with someone. With who? O... forgot already... Where is it now? What? Rubbish bin? Okay...Okay... hehehe...

Suppose to go to Julau today with Aunty F (instructor) for senamrobik. Can't make it today. So tired. May be next time.

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Five six seven eight!!! Oh Yeh...

Wrinkles...wrinkles...wrinkles. Dr. to overcome this problems?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


My mind can't think very well tonite. When I entered my house, I went straight to my notebook and surf anything. I clicked here and there. I felt tired today and I know someone put the blame on me because of ........ although that person didnt say it out but I know that person will tell everyone. I feel like want to scream... I'd try my best to help you.

Should I tell that person on what I really feel? I think its just wasting my time and my saliva. As usual... when something happened, people will always say this to me " Its your fault" and I'll keep the broken heart deep inside. May be I just too quiet and always let other people win.

Few days before, I talked to someone. Actually that person asked me first. We seldom talk to each other because of the unsettled bussiness. Talk... quarrel...forgive... Quiet...

Wah... I talk all rubish tonite. I hope the sun will shine a bit tommoro.

Pesta Pakan

Friends, come over to Pakan on the 6th August this year. Not sure what will happen here but u can stay with me (girls only). Pesta, its sound so happening but make sure you are willing to visit the long house for that. I'm not goin to the long house... got a lot of things to settle here. I heard there will be a beauty contest... (Pekit Kumang)... Gurls, want to be the contestant? Chrissie, over to Sarawak.

What else will happen here?

From what I heard... there also will be some events like

1. Futsal
2. Singing contest (want to take part)
3. 100 m (under 15)
4. Rafting
5. Aerobics
6. Games

And the most important thing... you'll meet me in person. Just ask around, where can I meet the cutest teacher? They will bring you to me... heh...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Learn The Iban Language

If you want to learn the Iban language especially if you are planning to marry an Iban man or woman, visit Pengajar. The writter is quite good in Iban and she can teach you more (singing Iban songs). If you an Iban reader... please read her messages... she needs your help.

Monday, July 11, 2005

This topic had been removed

Someone want to kill me.... "Help! Uhuks!Uhuks!...argh.... air....air"... Pls call the CSI

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

sports... sports... sports...

I like sports since I was young. In track... 200m and long jump are my favourite events. Now, I'm coaching the under 13 school's athletes. My schedule quite pack actually but still I have time to play badminton. Aktiflah konon....

After the first term school holiday (after Gawai), everybody are put on weight except me (cehwah!!!). To overcome this scary feeling @ situation, we played badminton almost everynite. When everyone losing their weight, I putting on my weight. Magic? No lah... my secret, play little... ice cream before the game, heavy supper after. When u get tired, you'll feel hungry. Betul sik?

One of the regular player is Pah... She's quite good and she's my partner for women double both PSKPP and MAKSAK. Another one is Pian... my partner for mix double. This guy from Kedah.

Em...what else? From this game, I met a lot of peoples whom I didnt know before although we're living in a small town. The government staffs, friends of friends, longhouse peoples, pakcik and makcik, kids etc... I can conclude that sports is good for your health and you can meet others. After this I plan to play football...heh...

Btw, wish me luck... this coming Saturday is my first tournament. One in the morning Sarikei vs Julau (its me) and evening Julau vs Meradong. Grace Boleh... Boleh dibelasah...isk isk isk

Cau cin cau....

Friday, July 01, 2005

My IQ getting worst....

After leaving the tertiary education few years ago... I left 90% of my knowledge behind. Tonite I open all my notes, assignments, proposals, projects etc etc... Wah... I keep on asking myself. Did I learn this before?

I miss my time doing all the fieldtrips or research with my friends... One of the most unforgettable moment in my life is during final year when i was doing my research for my final year project. I was under the supervision of Dr. Lee Nyanti. Every Tuesday we will do the water sampling at the tiger prawn ponds in Matang. We went there around 8 am and will be finished before 12pm. Rushed back to analyse the samples in the lab... finish around 6-7 pm. To be continued on the next day... Analysing the TSS, BOD, bla bla bla... wah... I can't remember... *sigh*.

Hua...!!! Someday... I need to refresh it back. My brain already berkarat...

Dr. Lee and I doing the sampling...

Water Quality in Tiger Prawn (Penaeus monodon) Pond


Kata kunci : Peaneus monodon, kualiti air, udang harimau, nutrien.

Kajian kualiti air dijalankan di kolam penternakan udang harimau, P. monodon di Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia, Telaga Air, Matang. Kajian ini bertujuan untuk menentukan kualiti air kolam sepanjang tempoh pengkulturan. Air kolam disampel setiap minggu pada kedalaman 1/3 daripada dasar kolam dan bagi setiap kolam terdapat 3 titik persampelan. Nilai suhu, pH, kemasinan, oksigen terlarut dan kejernihan air diukur secara in-situ manakala nutrien, TSS dan BOD5 dianalisis di makmal. Hasil kajian menunjukkan kepekatan nitrat, nitrit, nilai BOD5 dan TSS semakin meningkat manakala nilai kemasinan dan kejernihan air menurun dengan peningkatan jangkamasa. Hasil kajian menunjukkan bahawa parameter air mempengaruhi antara satu sama lain. Peningkatan suhu dan pH menyebabkan peningkatan kepekatan ammonia total. Kehadiran plankton menyebabkan nilai larutan pepejal terampai meningkat dan nilai kejernihan air berkurang. Kepekatan ammonia total berkadar secara songsang dengan kepekatan nitrat. Secara keseluruhan, kualiti air bagi kolam P.monodon tersebut adalah baik. Walau bagaimanapun, adalah penting untuk mengawal kesemua parameter air bagi mendapatkan kualiti air yang baik sepanjang pengkultuaran.


Keywords: Penaeus monodon, water quality, tiger prawn, nutrient.

Studies on the water quality of tiger shrimp P. monodonMalaysia, Telaga Air, Matang. The aim of this study was to determine the pond water quality throughout the whole culture period. Samples were collected weekly at depth 1/3 from the bottom of the pond and three sampling points were choosen for each pond. Parameters such as temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen and water tranperancy were measured in-situ but the concentrations of nitrate, nitrite, TSS and BOD5 were analyzed in the labarotory. Research showed that the concentrations of nitrate, nitrite, TSS and BOD5P.monodon ponds was good. However, it is important that all the water parameters should be controlled to achieve the best water quality result throughout the whole culture period. ponds were carried out at Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan increased but salinity and water transparency decreased as culture period progress. Results of this study shows that water parameter influences one another. An increase in temperature and pH also caused an increase in total ammonia concentration. The presence of planktons caused an increased in total suspended solid concentration and decreased in water transparency. Higher concentration of total ammonia caused a decreased in concentration of nitrate. The overall water quality of these