Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

Em.. I've been busy for almost two weeks. Just after my trip to Kuching.. the Christmas was coming and continued by some official work.. work.. and works....

What happened all this year? Hem... just a simple review with my simple life

January...hem...what happen?
Feb... ish...
Mac... aaa.....
April... Happy 13th birthday to lil sis
May... What?
June... Gawai...
July... em....
August.. Happy birthday to me
September... Happy birthday to mum
Oct.. Happy birthday Fred
Dec... Eh... end of the year?

What is my AZAM for 2006? A simple one

I want to upgrade myself in any perspective... I respect others' life and I want them to respect me as what I am.

Happy New Year everyone... God's grace be with you...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sarawak vs Johor

I was in Kuching last weekend... spending my time there with my lecturers and my coursemates. Sunday evening... fuh!!! The lec is over and half of the stresses gone... My coursemate called me... "nangga bola jum"... Great idea... plus... its related with what i'm doin rite now...

Sarawak won the game that night with 3-2 against Johor. Mohd Safee scored 2 goals in the 45th and 55th minutes (penalty) and in the 82nd minute, Junaid scored the winner... hip hip hoorey!!! Johore scored through Nafuzi and Khairul in the 75th and 83rd.

Well... the Crocs now having 7 points from the 3 games and leading the Group A....

Image hosted by
The Crocs motto....

Image hosted by
Rite after Mohd Safee scored the first goal...

Image hosted by
The penalty...

Image hosted by
Final result

Image hosted by
Bravo CROCS!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Long House

Almost all Iban families stay in the long house or have a house in the long house. Although some of us stay in town but during Gawai Dayak, we will return back to our long house.

Living in a long house is not that easy... there will be less privacy. But... no need to be worried if you want to go for a vacation. Everyone in the long house will help you to look after your house.

For the time being, I'm not staying at the long house but since my grandma staying alone, I used to visit her and sometimes sleep there... at her longhouse.

This is my own family longhouse or...I can say this is Fred's future house. He will be given this longhouse as he is the only son in the family.
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Image hosted by
We call this ruai besai... if I'm not mistaken... hehehe... Our house is no 7 and we have 33 families here means... 33 houses or 'pintu'.

Perhaps, next year we can celebrate Gawai Dayak here. Belum siap lagilah tahun ni....

Monday, December 12, 2005

My First Handphone

In 1999, my dad bought the first hp for me and it cost him RM800++. Actually he didnt want to spoil me by buying expensive thing but since I'll be going to the National Conference at the Peace Haven in Genting, he had to buy or else they can't investigate call me.

During that time, this hp is among the most expensive hp sold at the Hong Kong Photo Studio, Sarikei... My first number is 019-876.... forgot the rest. No screen colour... no vibration... no polyphonic tone...

Image hosted by
Mitshubishi - grey in colour. Weight around 200-300g or more...

Image hosted by
15.5 cm long from the bottom to the antenna

Image hosted by
Unactive flip...

I bet nobody want to use this type of hp now a day. Plan to keep it for the rest of my life and it can worth me RM500, 000 in 20 years time... I guess... hehehe...

Friday, December 09, 2005


Have u ever heard a song senyum?... part of the lyrics... senyum seindah suria, yang membawa cahaya, senyumlah dari hati, duniamu berseri... dengan senyuman terjalinlah ikatan....

Why we smile? Do we have to smile every second? senyum sorang-sorang, itu orang gila

Smile when you meet peoples....

Smile when u r thinking of something funny...

Smile eventhough u r tired...

Smile when u know someone give u present

Smile... so that they know u cut your hair already.....heh.....

Unwanted Necklace

I bought a new book cabinet for my room last week. I started cleaning my room.. looking for some rubbish that i kept for years... some of the stuff i dont use anymore but since it was put inside the box, i never knew it still exist.

Then, suddenly I found this necklace. Cross in my mind immediately... I dont deserve this necklace and anything related with it...

I know its look beautiful but doesn't mean I have to keep it anymore. All I want is something that can be appreciated and something that benefit me. Sound so demanding huh? Oh please!!! Do not afraid to give me presents as long as you are sincere enough for that. I will appreciate it... trust me. Even just a piece of paper, I'll keep it for the rest of my life because I appreciate true friendship.

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The beautiful necklace... used to wear it for some formal dinner.

Image hosted by
He just want to experience the way women feel...

Image hosted by
Hahaha.. .I should did this long long time ago...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Cousin, Joshua Gundi

Everytime visiting Kuching, I stay with my uncle, my dad's youngest brother. This is his youngest son of 3. Since they are mix Iban Kenyah, normally we speak BM at home.

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Kak... ambik gambar Shua k?

Image hosted by
Kakak cudah ambil gambar tak?

Image hosted by
Kak..pat cikit....

The Joy Of Christmas..

I know its still early to celebrate the Christmas Day but He is everyday in our heart. We had a wonderful Pre-Christmas celebration last Sunday nite.
Image hosted by
Christmas Tree

Image hosted by
Gift ex-change

I'm sure Fred will write more on this. Have a blessed Christmas to all Christian readers.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

He's here!!!!

The owner of this camera is here right now....
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Lil sis loves eating watermelon and plan to have her own plantation in the future... For the beginning she just plant the watermelon on next to the drain.... clever girl.
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The black ant.

Image hosted by
The flower... it will change into fruit after the fertilization

Image hosted by
As i told u.... see the flower on the top of the baby fruit?

Image hosted by
Em... i hope it will grow bigger and bigger....