Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gawai Dayak vs Gawai Layak (Chinese slang)

Born in Iban's family but surrounded by Chinese relatives from my mum's side and Chinese friends make my language sometimes sound miserable. You can hear a bit of Chinese slang especially if I'm trying to talk fast. I didn't discover this little problem of mine not until my TESL teacher friend keep on telling me..." Grace, R not L..."

This is some of examples of my Chinese slang...

"Hari ya kan...masa aku basuh lambut aku kan..."
"Kemalin dah aku hantar buku ya"
"Desplate na bunyi ko tok" .... hahahaha..... I'm so terrible and hampeh when come to language....

That one is just for my introduction or during my teacher's training, we called it as an induction set.

Today is Gawai Dayak and like the previous years, there's no spirit of balik kampung for me because my mum and dad come from the same place (not the same village but it still so near). Everytime I heard my friends busy packing their stuff to bring back to their kampung, it make me feel that I want to have a kampung in Sabah. Why... they asked me... My answer... I just want to experience on how does it feel when there's no more flight ticket for me to return home during Pesta Kaamatan. Hehehe...

Back to my title... Gawai Dayak vs Gawai Layak.... Gawai means celebration, Dayak refers to native in Sarawak consist of Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu. Layak... according to Iban's language means fight and sometimes can end up with kill...kill...die...die...Chinese friends always wish me..."Glace, Selamat Gawai Layak aaa..." I know they really wanna wish me Selamat Gawai Dayak but because of their pronunciation... it sounds Layak... But sometimes its true... Gawai Layak...

Well, I'm not pointing my fingers to all Dayak but normally during this celebration Dayakians will return to their longhouse/village to celebrate this occasion with their family and loved one. One thing that must be the tradition is drinking the tuak or rice wine. I'm not saying that drinking tuak is wrong but when people get drunken... then... anything can be happened. Of course it seldom happen but it happen every year... brothers fight during Gawai... man died after drink with friends... (headline in the newspaper)

Iban especially always said that Gawai is no meaning, not enjoyable without Jin, Cap Apek, Golden, Jugam, Langkau...etc etc etc... (How about Martel? Think about it yourself). I don't want to comment much on the type/label of alcoholic drink just the effect of it. Its really sad when people start to fight, quarrel with their family members.. friends... relatives... during this Gawai. Come on Iban... lets celebrate this year of Gawai with a peace and lovely heart. Segulai Sejalai...

Selamat Gawai Dayak... Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai... Lantang Senang Nguan Menoa....

To all Sabahan... Kotobian Tadau Do Kaamatan...

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Calon Miss Pakan 2005 (tarik diri awal-awal)

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Performing "Ngajat Indu Dara Menoa Sarikai"

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No Title

Em...duno what to write today. This morning HEM, 2 senior teachers and me investigate the case of missing student. They didn't come to school for 3 days and staying outside without permission. One of them already back to school but the other girl is still missing. I hope she will 'appear' tomorrow morning.

Just watch the My Regional News (NTV7). St Thomas Kuching received the 'Sekolah Harapan Negara' award. Wondering if my school can receive any award in the future. Nothing impossible... cayalah Cikgu Grace.

What else? Last week my colleague found something inside the Form 2 student's exercise book. He wrote a song entitle Bintang Pengerindu @ Loving Star with my photo (taken from the school magazine) on the left side. This boy is popular among the teachers because of his attitude (naughty, lazy etc etc) but he nice with me... always greet me Selamat pagi cikgu.

Exam week... nothing much to do. No extra curricular activities.

Sula and I took our lunch at Pakan's Thomson Corner today. For dinner, i don't know what to cook. Now waiting for CSI Las Vegas.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Teachers' Day

16th of May is a day given to all students, no matter what are they doing now, engineer, doctor, lawyer, minister, nurse, still study, etc... even the housewife to appreciate their teachers. But, how do we as a students now or before show our thankfulness to our teacher?

When I was in primary school especially in SK Sg Paoh, we will prepare some presents to our teachers. No money but we have drawing book and colour pencils to show our appreciation with our handmade cards. During that time, I never think of what is in my teachers' mind when they receive the cards or the second hand pencils and eraser. Heh...

Now, me myself being a teacher. Some of my students gave me vegetables and fruits everytime they came back from their longhouse. Yesterday my students gave me coconut, preserve food, flowers, cards and the boys wish me "Happy teacher's day" with a big smile.

Our school celebrated Teacher's Day yesterday. We had an assembly in the morning with two big cakes, two songs - Guru Malaysia (Malaysian Teacher) and Pendidik Bumi Kenyalang (The Land of Hornbill Educater), poems by students, etc. Later we had the games participated by the teachers only. Well.... photos speak louder than words.

My team... second place overall.

The biggest balloon

Water in the bottle

Today is our day...

Enjoy yourselves teachers!!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Codes

Get the codes here. Just Copy it and paste it anywhere.