Friday, June 19, 2009

Pengumuman Tak Penting Sangat

Perhatian... Hornbill mungkin akan berada di KK pada 4-8 Julai ini....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gawai Stories

Just one week before Gawai somebody hit my car but I really thanks God for making a good decision for me. I planned to drive home alone either on Friday or Saturday to Sarikei. Somehow I felt uneasy the whole week like something is going to happen. To know more the stories of my car just visit Kemiding, my Iban's blog. Kalau tak tau Iban tengok gambar ja la...

Anyway, my Gawai this year turn up to be a very gila Gawai for me. I told my mum that I only back home before the Gawai Rakyat Bersama Menteri at my longhouse which is on the 6th of June.


Sula arrived and then we went for massage at Jalan Song.

Best aihh...

Sula went to Unimas for her lecture. I went shopping and do some cooking for Gawai Eve. At night we had a simple Gawai + Keamaatan celebration which is more like Christmas because there was no tawak, no tuak and no mabuk-mabuk but I really enjoyed it (except for bunyi tabuh). And yes I did download some Gawai song and Sayang Kinabalu from the internet but it end up with the bunyi-bunyian from the kids and the parents and sometimes from me (I thank God I'm still single and no kids around).

oh!! Since 1st June is Sula's 29th birthday, so we celebrated it also.

Sula malu-malu ajak budak-budak tiup sekali... ceh!

Tengok mata.... hehehe

Menu wajib...

We are the kids.. hehehe

1st June

We went shopping the whole day!!! At nite we attend bbq session for those who cannot make it home for Gawai and Pesta Keamatan due to kehabisan tiket bas and belon...hehehe. Auk ajaklah kitakorang sia....

Ini la muka orang tak dapat balik kampung...

2nd June

To clinic. Sick

3rd June

Send my car and met the guy who hit my car for claim. Then we went out for movie (not with that guy la.... with Sula)

4th June

Sick again. Sleep. No car.

5th June

Took an express boat to Sarikei.... to be continued... I have training with the kids at 4pm for Sarawak Open.

Cannot wait to play with Buble... wawawa