Thursday, December 25, 2008



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To The Summit!!!!!!!

Ehem..ehem... So proud lah to myself...


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Belated Bday To Joshua Juan

Last Sunday, Farah, Simba, Pudun, Sly and Josh arrived from Miri. Simba and Farah stayed overnight with me... and that night we had our dinner at everwin cafe.

we have to find bakery shop... Ish... at 9:30 pm, satu pun tada buka la... This is Sarikei... We sleep early maaaa...

So early Monday morning we went to Hua Tai to buy a birthday cake... hehehe... biru gik ya..


After some adegan tipu menipu at last we manage to have a surprise birthday celebration for Joshua.

Light up the 25 candles.... udah tau bebini quoted from Bro Sly

Ish... abis la kek ada air liur... hahah

With bday boy...

After having our long life mee... blurrrpppp.........

Monday, December 08, 2008

Pesta Nanas Sarikei 2008

My mum asked me " meda orang pesta nanas nuan?" Are you watching (going to) pesta nanas?

.....Malas ehh......

Somehow I went to buy some food. And food and food... heh...

The entrance

The crowd along the Sarikei waterfront.

Sunday market

Real fruits oooo....

Fruits competition

More pics... sedap ehh...

Lastly... my two new cute kitten... Sizuka and Bubbles....

Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Kitchen

Back to Sarikei for Pesta Nanas...konon lah. But this morning I stuck infront of this computer updating my blog. Not yet taken my bath... ngeh.

The kicthen still under progress (any comment?)

Hmm... be back to Kuching again this coming Thursday. I choose either Apple white or Barley white for the interior walls. Till then... c ya

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Siapa lahir Ogos?

* Suka berlawak.
* Mudah tertawan padanya.
* Sopan santun dan mengambil berat terhadap orang lain.
* Berani dan tidak tahu takut.
* Orangnya agak tegas & bersikap kepimpinan.
* Pandai memujuk orang lain.
* Terlalu pemurah & bersikap ego.
* Nilai harga diri yang sangat tinggi.
* Dahagakan pujian.
* Semangat juang yang luar biasa.
* Cepat marah & mudah mengamuk.
* Mudah marah apabila cakapnya dilawan.
* Sangat cemburu.
* Daya pemerhatian yang tajam & teliti.
* Cepat berfikir.
* Fikiran yang berdikari.
* Suka memimpin & dipimpin.
* Sifat suka berangan.
* Berbakat dalam seni lukis, hiburan & silat.
* Sangat sensitif tapi tidak mudah merajuk.
* Cepat sembuh apabila ditimpa penyakit.
* Belajar untuk bertenang.
* Sikap kelam kabut.
* Romantik, pengasih dan penyayang.
* Suka mencari kawan


Everyone who knows Serikin will be so excited going there especially the girls and makcik-makcik. For those from Semenanjung and Sabah normally went there to buy tikar made from Serikin. What so special about that tikar? hmm... friend of mine told me that in KL the price aroud RM600-RM800 while they can get it for RM150-RM200 in Serikin... yaka?

Going there tomorrow with my uncles. They help me renovating the house (but I pay them) so since tomorrow is their off day, they plan to buy comforter, or should i called it tilam? The price is just RM30 only... If you have that type of comforter in your longhouse so its mean you had been to Serikin. Wow!!!

Last time I went to Serikin I bought two errr... three actually kain Indonesia to make baju kurung and kebaya... Sent it to tailor but till end of the school days for 2008, all the kebaya still in my wardrobe. Ngeh... what a waste? No lah... new baju for new year...hopefully because holiday means extra weight...extra fat...

What else to buy in Serikin? O ya... where is Serikin actually... Terlupa pulak. Serikin just near the Sarawak-Indonesia border. Mostly the items are made in Indon but some made in Kpg Serikin.

Plan to buy keropok lah tomorrow...

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Its school holiday!!! Hehehe... lambat cerita. In Kuching rite now monitoring and supervising my kitchen renovation progress. Will upload some pictures later.

Perhaps I'm moving to Kuching next year... yea yea yea... angan-angan jak.

After buying a lot of things needed for renovating the 10 x 8 ft kitchen, i have only few hundred left.... wargh!!!! Ada sesiapa yang mahu menderma?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ambik ko Mark..

Been tagged by Mark... Malas tau Mark tapi nanti ko kicik ati lak.. hahaha...

1. The who tag/pass you is?
-Markie urang Penampang

2. Your relationship with him/her is?
- Blogger Friend

3. Your 5 impressions of him/her?
- Kicik, suka muzik, suka blogging, suka menge 'tag' orang, suka makan maggie (aku entam jak)

4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you?
- He promise mau jumpa di KK kunun... ceh!!!

5. The most memorable thing she/he had said to you?
- Nanti sia belanja ko (teda pun!!)

6. If she/he become your lover you will?
- Siapa? Si Mark? Nanti sumandak dia mengamuk oooo...

7. If she/he become your lover, thing she/he has to improve on will be?
- Tidak berkenaan

8. If she/he become your enemy, you will?
- Ceh... apa punya soalan

9. If she/he become your enemy, the reason will be?
- Dia tidak belanja aku

10. The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is?
- Aku mau jadi recording artis tapi lagu Iban la...

11. Your overall impression of her/him is?
- Aku pun blur...

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
- Ada yang suka, ada yang mengata....

13. The characters you love of yourself are?
- Strong and faithful

14. On the contrary, the characters you hate of yourself are?
- The anger

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
- Almost perfect ( i know i cant be so perfect)

16. For people that care and like you, say something to them:
- May God Grace always be with you

17. Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wished to know how they feel about you.

1. Chris
3. Cath
4. Mok
6. Mell
7. Deb
8. Odre
10. Dara

18. Who is No.6 having relationship with?
- With No 2

19. Is No.9 a male or female?
- Male

20. If No.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
- Both female la...

21. What is No.2 studying about?
- Mechanical Engineering.

22. When was the last time you had a chat with No.3?
- During her wedding day

23. What kind of music band does No.8 like?
- All Jenny tan's song... kan odre kan?

24. Does No.1 have any siblings?
- 8 orang ka? She's the youngest

25. How about No.9?
- Ruis... Iban guy staying in KL with his famliy

27. Is No.4 single?
- So very the single... kehkehkeh... available lagi tu

28. What is the surname of No.5?
- Ubek la... (pa nama ko bek?)

29.What's the hobby of No.10?
- Enda nemu...

30. Does No.5 and 9 get along well?
- Teda kaitan maybe... (sekali nangga uncle ubek)

31. Where is No.2 studying at?
- UMS last time

32. Talk something casually about No.1?
- Molah lawak ja keja

33. Have you tried developing feelings for No.6?
- Apa la... adik aku punya gf... ceh!!!!!!

34. Where does No.9 live at?
- KL

35. What colour does No.4 like?
- Biru

36. Are No.5 and 1 best friends?
-Blog friend

37. Is No.7 the sexiest person in the world?
- Sexy apa.... adik aku ya oi...

38. What is No.6 doing now?
- Tengah begayut dengan bf dia la... mana da keja lain

Akhirnya tamat... wakakakaka.. TQ...

Eh..Selamat Hari Raya

I know... its late is the 4th day Raya... Anyway... better late than never... Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers...

Especially toooo .......KUYA (bestfren po eva)

Pejot and Yus...

Pupud and....

Cikgu Hamit (no photo taken at his house)

Thank you for inviting me...

To Pejot... sory la... mala jak ngena ko time di rumah Yus.
Yus... ko tetap ketua pengawas paling best
Pupud... sedap na nasi himpit dipolah sidak Portugis ya eh...
Cikgu Hamit... kamek datang bukan sebab kes pindah...keh3

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Penubuhan Malaysia 1963

Hm... I'm bad in History subject since i was in school. Somehow our politic issues make me quite excited to dig out some of Malaysia History especially the formation of Malaysia in 1963. Its quite interesting to know something that actually new for me... (hehehe.. I told you already.. I'm bad in History but i got A for my PMR and C4 for my SPM)

Anyway... just want to tell the whole world that I am proud to be a half Dayak and a half Chinese. What can you say to me? I was born as a Sarawakian in 198* so I am Malaysian isnt it?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

fred's convo day

Happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysians...

Was in KK last week for Fred's convocation. Not forgetting Mell. Going there with my big family is not easy... especially the shopping part. Aduiii... There was one time my mum want to buy baju kebaya at Vunfa (Sinsuran Area), i had to wait (gave opinion bla bla bla) for more than an hour.

On Friday we went to Tamu at Penampang, Lok Kawi, Museum, kelapa bakar and 1Borneo. When I reached the hotel I vomit... after experienced the very hot sunny day at Lok Kawi, later the very cold gila babi aircond at 1Borneo. But my dad told me "nya meh dik, makai puding kelapa celap...santan nya nemu dik?" (You eat cocount pudding, that's why know?)

Saturday was photo session at Asia City... and me had to tumpang sekaki as during my last year convo I dont have my photo session with the family members. I went to Perak alone. Isk isk isk... Right after the photo session, my aunties and my mum went shopping again. That night they went for dinner at somewhere to meet some peoples. Me, Deb and my cousin went to Pizza and Kbox...


Sunday was Fred's convo day... Let the pics tell you the stories...

My ex students.... They getting older but i'm still the same person.... heh

Rasa dalam ai lah tek...

Oh my prince charming... hehehe... pastok nya tukar jadi orang...

Kecik jak paduhal tek

Ah Lung my cousin / our driver...

I can touch you...

Ish... What is this animal?

This definitely starfish... heh..

Jiwang la tek...

Apu!!! Nyak ya bilun!!!

KK from the top...

Huh!! Kacak na bunga tok... Semadi jak aku bagi Fred.

Yayasan Sabah

Sampai hati tuan anjing tok jual sidaknya... dah la kiut... kecik gik...

I want them all and bring back to Sarawak

Ala... kecik gilak...

Monday.. pulai

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To KK...


To Sabahan bloggers... I'm going to KK tomorrow morning to attend my brother's convocation day. Mail me at

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My New Room, Bed and Bedsheet


Yeahooo!!! Purple... my favourite colour...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My 2*th birthday!!!!!!!

Well.. tommorow will be my 2*th birthday.......... I'm quite excited about it. Though my age getting older and older every year but people still ask me the same questions over and over again..

Where are you studying now?


Form berapa?


Where is your elder sister? ( They thought that I am the youngest and it suppose to be my lil sis Deb... ngeh)

So... anyone want to belanja-belanja me makan?? Heh.

Btw.. congratulation to my friend Cuthess for her wedding.. goin to miss her....

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fill in the blanks


Dear Scales,

How are you? I hope you are fine. Thank you for describing your pet to me. I also have a pet. It is a goldfish. It is golden in colour. It is a beautiful fish. It has round, big eyes. _____ cover its body. Its tail is long. I like to watch it swim. It is very graceful. I feed them with bread. Sometimes, I feed it with worms. I will send you a picture of my goldfish soon. Bye now and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Friday, August 01, 2008

A place called home????

My life never static at one place more than 5 years... Since i was young..em.. let me see... one month old maybe or younger than that I used to stay with my grandma. 2 years old my parents took me and i stay with them at the very-very 'ulu' place called Ulu Entaih. I was an asthmatic kid and sometimes I need emergency medication so I stay with my grandpa in Sarikei. Then I stayed with my mum and my grandpa until I'm 12th while my dad still in Ulu Entaih later transferred to Nanga Semah... Not forget Fred and Debbie (1992)... and also with all my dogs and cats and piggy and birds and chickens...

Then I went to Sains Miri Secondary School... Then to Bintulu... To Kuching... To Sarikei... To Miri... and finally to PAKAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm stuck there........... After teaching there for 5 years I think I should moving out from Pakan. So I applied for a transfer... A week later my boss returned it back with a very pleasant comment....Permohonan disokong /tidak disokong. Perkhidmatan pegawai ini masih sangat diperlukan. *sigh*

Sunday, July 06, 2008


I love animal...... I hate cock fighting.


Somehow cock fighting is legal as long they have a permit. Still i hate cock fighting. Its cruellll!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Dont have much thing to say... I'm tired. My mind, my body.... And tomorrow is Monday.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tagged by Markie (Malas aku nak jawab ni...hehe)

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

Question Removed: Question No 16. If you can teleport once, where would you go?

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
- 27 but I'm coming to 28.. duh....

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
- France

3. What's your favorite thing to do?
- Cooking (hehehehehe)

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
- Yes and no. Money can make the poor smile... Money can't but my love but you absolutely can give me your money.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
- Married to the person I really love.

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
- Gila ka? Unless I live in the non polluted jungle and I want everyone to have the same experience.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
- Every organs in my body.

8. What is your current mood?
- Currently, I'm sad

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
- Yes... Indirectly

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?
- Mark... I dont know, New friend, Never meet him before

11. What are the requirements that you wish from the other half?
- Accept me and adventurous

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
- Two faces

13. What is your ambition?
- Own a shop

14. What is your favourite word/words?
- Sabar jak aku

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
- Faith, Family, Health and Love and Money

16. Do fix a broken heart or let Time heal the Pain?
- Time will heal the pain.

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
- Anger

18. What is your idea of relaxation?
- the blue skies, the green floras, the sparkling stars

19. What are your habits?
- observe my food before it goes into my mouth especially when I'm already full.

20. If one day you couldn't do the things that you are used to doing now anymore, how would you feel?
- I'm dying, getting older, menopause

I will tag my blog frequent readers.... Cath, Chris, Sula, Ruis, Daradesa, Ensabie, Puteri and my brother (Hope you will strong)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I'm back to Pakan this evening. Hope to see u guys around this coming weekend. Feel free to leave messages or email me.

Gawai visiting is over for me starting from yesterday I guess. I did visit my neighbour's house yesterday and drink 5ml tuak finally. That's my first tuak for this Gawai. hehehehe... ngeh.... Our open house also ended this morning since everyone in the house will start to work tomorrow except Fred.

Less photos taken during this Gawai. I need something different perhaps.... Anyway, on the 4th June I attended my friend's wedding reception. Pak Akub and Kak Pah, my colleagues had move to their new home. I'm happy for both of them and wish them a happy, sweet, peaceful journey a head.


In the evening after visiting Chris Apai and Cuthess Meow's house we (Chris, Cath, Sula and I) went to my place. I was about to stop at Jakar Shell...damn it. That evening the fuel price increases a LOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!! Anyway... lantak engkau la sana...

I hope Chris, Cath and Sula will share the stories as I'm toooo lazy to write more here. To make the story short... that evening was fun and fun and fun...

I bought 2kg rice today and it cost me RM11.00. I'm sad and frustrated with what happen now. I just dont know what to say... if all of this prices (fuel, rice, cooking oil etc etc) affected my monthly budget, I'm thinking what will happen to them? The poor, single mother, my aunty, my relatives, my longhouse peoples? Should we blame the government? I dont know what really happen out there... the only thing I know is I should make extra money.... Will update about this next week... chow!!!

*Bad English.... hehehehe... baca jak sia....

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gawai Celebration

Every year on 31st May my Chinese family will gather at our house celebrating the Gawai with my family. Every year during 31st May is a busy day preparing food and rearranging the living room...

Last nite, I can say only half of them came.... Tapi kerusi suma sudah habis guna

The food.... hampir tidak cukup owhhh... hehehehe...

This last two years we celebrate the new year eve at our new long house....

Kenyang already!!!!!!!!!!!

Its me..... singing one Iban song. Hehehe....

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kek Lapis Sarawak

Em... bought this just opposite the Kuching Waterfront and from my mum's friend. Kek Lapis Sarawak... so sweetttttttttt


sweeeeetttttt............. beware...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Teacher's Day

One of my ex-students sent me a message few days ago wishing me a happy teacher's day. Em... Me myself actually was not really excited or whatever u call it on celebrating teacher's day. Well, tell u my reasons

1. We are having our final exam in school so the exam mood everywhere... (kononnyalah)...
2. Our students does not show their excitement... macam cikgu ja yang lebih-lebih organise program untuk diri sendiri...

I still remember during my school days few years back, we.. the students ware very excited waiting for this day... I am quite disappointed with my students.

Tell u one more thing... two months before one of our 2007 SPM candidate sms me asking for help. She wanted to apply for teaching course in Institut Perguruan. I rushed to my pc and online for her. Since that day i have not listen any news from her but it's okay... okay bah... Last week she went to school but she did not greet me at all.... not even say thank you. I am quite surprise. Actually I was waiting for her to see me so that I can give her the printed online application. U see...

But not all la... I still remember theres one time I shop in Sibu. Then I heard someone calling
"Cikgu!!! Cikgu!!!" Of course I buat donno jer... Silap orang malu. Lots of teachers in Sibu during weekend... Then I heard " Cikgu Grace"... eh... that's my name. I forgot his name but I am proud of him... he still remember me as his coach.

Talking about coaching? Hm... I am not doing the coaching anymore... Any reason? Guess la.... heeee....

Anyway Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers in the Earth... May God bless you as you bless the others with your knowledge.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hey!! I'm goin for my BTN course this coming friday. BTN is stand for Biro Tatanegara aka..kursusmencintai negara. Can't wait for it as its quite a long time i didnt attend any course or camp as participant. Will update about this later.

oya.. a friend of mine atau lebih dikenali lagi sebagai Fred's friend got her blog already... rahsia2 la pulak...

click here... the ensabie

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Knowing myself better...

Goshhh... Got this test from Chris' blog and tried it for fun... I guess I'm 95% agree with this test. Try it yourself here

Your view on yourself:

Other people find you very interesting, but you are really hiding your true self. Your friends love you because you are a good listener. They'll probably still love you if you learn to be yourself with them.

I'm a good listener and very good in keeping secrets...

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

I need a good-looking, funny, smart, clever and tall man

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Ya ya ya... hehehe

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.


The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.


Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

Be carefull with me...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My new boyfriend

He's the one... hehehe... really miss him.

This April he will moving from Putera Jaya, KK to Desa Ilmu, Kota Samarahan. So do I but a bit late la... perhaps...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bloggers meet

Calling all blogger to have a simple gathering at my place tomorow 15th March at 3pm. Datang jangan tak datang...

Aku semakin busan

Boring ba kan kalu kita nak menjauhkan diri dari orang-orang yang kita tak berkenan tapi mereka asyik nak mengekori kita... Dan bila kita hantar message pada mereka supaya jangan kacau kita lagi mereka forward kepada orang lain supaya orang lain nampak yang kita ni sangat buruk di mata mereka.

Macam tu la kehidupan... Aku dah bosan dengan orang yang begitu. Sebagai orang yang semakin matang aku ambil jalan mudah... buat bodo ja lepas ni. Kalau nak ikut aku ikut la sampai bila-bila. Aku kan glamer... hahaha....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Takutnya aku!!!!


Fred sent me this .... wargh!!! eee. takut!!!! eeeee... mauk tekemeh jak...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm back for election...

Ceh.. the title sound like i'm so far away from my hometown... But yes... I'm back to my longhouse which is only 1 km from my house during this election. It took me only 7 minutes to do my job as a Malaysian...

Later I went to Sibu with this gal and we found out that every toll and carpark are free...

Half of me in Sarikei while the other half just like in the air.... heh... dont make a guess. U always get me wrong.

after 3 weeks.......

Half of me reach sarikei on Tuesday...