Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm Back...

Halu... Back again. One week without any post... really miss it. Chewah!!! Anyway, thanks to my blog buddies (Chen, Chris, Chrissie, NSDS etc etc Fred etc etc... sorry if I forgot to mention your name)

Was in Kuching last week...doing something legal there. Will write about this legal bussiness soon... end of October or November. Please remind me... hehehe....

Went to Unimas on Sunday, sending Ezra and MAWI Remawi. They had a football match and I was suppose to be their coach. Next time la... Plan to call Chris, but she never give me her no... kan rugi tak jumpa aku... lalalala....

Hm, many things happen last week... can't review it one by one. There was a Pesta Nenas in Sarikei but since I was in Kuching at the same time... I cant get any pics of it... isk isk isk....

Image hosted by
Meet Chot Mot, my adopted cat

Image hosted by
Eh, got bbq also ka last week? Thanks to V,V,E,J,D,G,H,S,T,J,R,A,J and M. You know who you are... hehehe....

Image hosted by
Introducing my Penan friends, Ezra, the most hot guy in Unimas (till now) with his Penan hair identity and his cousin, Mawi. Proud to be their friend. We miss your hairstyle Ezra.

Image hosted by
The main entrance of Kolej Sebayor. Stay there during my second year in Unimas. Now they call it Kolej Tun..(forgot already)

Image hosted by
The most popular place to take pics especially during convocation day....

Monday, September 19, 2005


Will be MIA for a while. I'm not in a good mood this week for some reasons.... Pray for me. Thanks.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Career Type...

You wont believe this... so do I... Did I choose a wrong career? Wa!!!!

Your Career Type: Realistic
You are practical and mechanical.Your talents lie in working with tools, mechanical or electrical drawings, machines, or animals.
You would make an excellent:
Carpenter - Diesel Mechanic - ElectricianFarmer - Fire Fighter - Flight EngineerForester - Locksmith - Locomotive EngineerPilot - Police Officer - Truck Driver The worst career options for your are social careers, like social worker or teacher.

Nokosuai Ginawo Ku

I'm listening Nokosuai Ginawo ku, a song popularize by Felix Agus. I wish I can have Felix's original KadazanDusun album for my Christmas present this year. Might fly to Sabah this coming holiday... Sabahan folks... jumpa di sana ya...

Nokosuai Ginawo Ku_Felix Agus

Nung id maso-maso'd toruhai diti
Koboros oku'd tumongkiad dika
Kada noh koruol oh ginawo nu
Tu iti noh ralan pilion ku...

Id pomusarahan ku nopo daa
Au oku noh sipogihum do suai
Nga au ku nokoilo'd ti ginawo ku
Tu suminimban ie dii pamah

Nokotongkiad oku dika toruhai
Iri nod nokosuai ginawoku
Otopot noh kanto oh boros do tulun
Sodu id mato, sodu nogi id ginawo

Uludon ku o hopod tunturu ku
Mokiampun okud kumaa dika
Mimang yoku noh matu'i nakasala
Apatut nod katagadan nu

Oh ya... I'd been tag by Chen for this topic, Five Things I Miss From My Childhood.

1. I miss my good time with my two grandpas...
2. I miss my good time playing with my brother, Fred and cousins (all boy)
3. I miss the time where there's nothing to worry about.
4. I miss the time when I'm not worried about my vision... (now having short sightedness)
5. I miss all my childhood friends.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Happy Birthday To Malaysia

Nothing much to share today... Just wanna wish Malaysia a Happy Birthday. Maybe you can visit Fred's blog or Nsds' blog. They did share something regarding the formation of Malaysia. I have nothing to share because I hate Sejarah since Form 1 until Form 5. Anyway, I'm proud to be a Sarawakian and Malaysian. I just can't imagine how my life would be if Sarawak didn't join Malaysia... Fred said my name might sound like Mary Annabelle Lockhart or Grace Annie Lockhart but i prefer Grace Arabella Madrigal... hehehe. That's all...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Moon Cake...

Just came back from friends' house. We had our dinner there..celebrating the moon cake festival but there was no cake... only the moon in the sky... Although I'm a half Chinese but I dont know the main reason of celebrating the moon cake festival. I think Chinese people celebrate so many festival a year because my Chinese grandma always invited us to her house for makan free. May be Chen or other Chinese readers can tell me... I can't get it from my grandma because of language barrier. She can't understand Iban/Malay/English and I can't understand Foochow. Normally we use bahasa isyarat. Hehehe...

Btw, we had fried rice, fried kueh tiaw, fried mee, fried chicken, sweet and sour ehem and mix veges for our dinner.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Happy moon cake festival to all of us...

Image hosted by
My buddy....

Em, another story...yesterday we went for swimming at the Julau river... 10 minutes walk from our place... This river, I tell you... gives me a lot of memories with my friends and the kids.... may be one chapter in my life jurnal.
Image hosted by
My friends enjoying the cold, fresh and clean water... No pollution.

Image hosted by
Another belated birthday present I'd received yesterday...thank you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I cant think any title for today's post. Sorry for no news this few days....

Before that, wanna wish my mum Happy Belated Birthday.... If you read my blog (for sure one).. the cake that day I bought for you... sorry, no candles. I forgot your age... same as you la... always forgot mine... do all the cooking as if I'm still 15... hehehe... Fred, you not yet wish aaa....

Aha... last weekend, we had another family gathering at my grandma longhouse... Lets see what we had for dinner...

Image hosted by
Alive sago worms @ tinduh

Image hosted by
Fried sago worms... delicious... my mum said... not me.

Image hosted by
Sabung's (common name) leaves and fruits

Image hosted by
Pansuh fish(cooked inside the bamboo)

Image hosted by
BBQ fish... watch out the antique bowl....

Image hosted by
This paku ikan (from the fern family) masak sambal prepared by my new sister in law... okay la... 3/5.

Last Tuesday, my colleague gave me ruti cuan...kind of biscuit made from flour. Thanks to you Sah.... the taste nice.... minta gik eh...
Image hosted by
The shape not that 'beautiful' but dont judge the cuan by its shape.

Well, nothing much to share this week. I hope all of you still visiting my blog... bye and God bless.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm Back...

Sorry for no update. Life was so busy last week... busy with my sleeping time... hehehehe... Sekarang ni pun baru bangun tido... can't think very well but I need to update... a friend want to borrow this PC later.

I went to Sibu, the Swan Town yesterday meeting someone for window shopping. Left only few coins inside my purse. I'm totally miskin this month.... wa.....!!!!!!!!
Image hosted by
Swan, symbolize the Sibu Town but I didn't found any swans swimming at the Rejang River... Tamu Sibu got la... dah kena sembelih.

I called J to congrates him for his newborn daughter.

I met one of my best buddy on earth, Kenyalang. (Sorry, no pic) He just arrived from Miri on Friday for his 2 days holiday. I think he is on his way back to Miri now...

Oh ya... I received an unexpected call yesterday. Nevermind....

I met another friend... P (no pic also) before I left Sibu town... Another friend, JS called me when I was inside the ferry.
Image hosted by
The Lanang brigde still under construction... View from the middle of Rejang River...

One more thing... Fred is going to Kinabalu Pine for a vacation... I'm jealous @ aku cemburu @ aku jilis....



Moral from this story - appreciate your friends...

Monday, September 05, 2005

Cousin's Wedding

What a hectic life this few weeks… and I hope I can get a rest this week before the second PMR trial. Just finish the sports last Friday (end up with no. 5 overall). Actually I’m quite disappointed with this achievement because I know we can get better than this although we don’t have any STAR like other schools. But, nevermindlah since 5-6 of them will represent the division for the state level end of this month in Samarahan.

Just a few pictures for your eyes….
Image hosted by
The sports held in Kompleks Sukan Bintangor. 40 km from Pakan.

Image hosted by
Some of the medals

Image hosted by
This boy doesn't know I took his pic.. hehehe...

Saturday evening we went to Begumbang for my cousin wedding. Hm… I did post the same topic in my Iban version.

We can call this event as Ngambi Indu which means the guy will go to his future wife’s longhouse together with his family members and the tuai rumah (the longhouse leader) to ask the permission from his future wife’s father to bring back his daughter. This is the important thing la in Iban’s traditional wedding. If the girl’s father didn’t agree, the guy will return back with empty hand… hehehe…. But if they agree, there will be a whole nite party… trust me… you wont sleep the whole nite and you can’t hide anywhere.

This is the story of my cousin’s wedding… Feel sad to say he’s 2 years younger than me and his wife is 19 years old. (What am I doing when I was 19?)

Okay..okay… the journey from Sarikei to Begumbang, Ulu Layar is about one and half hours.
Image hosted by
The road condition... i felt like went back to Pakan.

Image hosted by

As we arrived there, the girl’s family welcome us with joyful faces and we (especially my eldest aunt was surprised with the longest rubber we ever seen, so the sakai).
Image hosted by

Then we entered the girl’s house and they served us with a lot of food. After we finished the food at the kitchen then they asked us to sit at the ruai where all the longhouse people will bring their food for us because they kesian looking at our hungry faces. This is the longhouse culture and had been practicing from generation to generation.
Image hosted by
At the girl's house
Image hosted by
The kuih taste nice but so liat like selipar.

After we finished the longhouse folks food, we relaxed for a while and let the digestive system do his job. Before dark we took our bath at Batang Layar but sad to say, there’s no pictures because when we reached the river, its dark already and I can’t took any pictures as they said… MANDI CEPAT! I think I took my bath less then 5 minutes.

Before 8pm we had our dinner with a different family. Well, just make it simple…let say, the longhouse has 15 families and they has 30 visitors so each family will bring 2 visitors to eat with them. If they have 3000 visitors, you calculate it yourself la….

Next, the ceremony was about to start… First, the longhouse leader from the girl side will asked the leader from the boy side...In Iban, it called beterang. Although they know it already but they had to pretend that they don’t know anything. The representative from the boy will explain either with the straight to the point words or indirectly (sound like poems). The conversation is something like this la… but they used special words… more polite till I can’t understand.
A: Why are you people coming here?
B: We want to take (girl’s name) to marry (boy’s name)
Actually the conversation will take at least 30 minutes but as I said just now, I can’t really understand the words been used but I know the main point. Hehehe…

Later, both of them (boy and girl side) will pay some amount to the longhouse folks. I forgot the reason but the amount doesn’t cost them much. The boy pay RM6.00 to the girl’s longhouse and the girls pay RM7.00 to the boy’s longhouse. RM50.00 is for the penalty (dunno the suitable word), only paid if they divorced and this not suppose to happen. If the husband leaves the wife, he will pay RM50.00 and the other way round.

After both side agree with everything… then the Melah Pinang ceremony started. The bride and groom walked along the longhouse three times with some folks who played the taboh (Iban’s traditional music).
Image hosted by

Next, both of them sat on the tawak (Iban’s traditional music instrument).
Image hosted by

Then… I don’t know what was happen because I felt very sleepy and I slept. Luckily lil sis took some pictures for me to post on my blog. Thanx to her.
Image hosted by
Melah Pinang conducted by the groom's grandfather.

Image hosted by
They had their supper without me... hish...

Next, the party began. They (old, young, married, unmarried, boys and girls) danced through out the nite… and we stop around 6:30 in the morning. I joined the party around 1am because some guys forced me to dance with them… ehem… (sorethroat…hehehe…) Frankly speaking, I’m not really familiar with this type of function but with this type of culture, we need to respect and please them.
Image hosted by
They enjoyed the dancing time with the most popular Iban's song, Kerimpak Kaca Lauya @ Lousy Broken Glass - direct translation

Image hosted by
Hehehe... that girl was force to dance.

Image hosted by
At 7 am we left the longhouse and brought my new sis in law back home. 8:35 am we reached home… took bath and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………….

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cahaya _ Kris Dayanti

Dosakah aku
Bila dicintaimu
Bila jalinan hati kini mengerahku
Tapi haruskah diriku pasrah
Diriku mengalah

Memang cinta tiada bermata
Kisah cinta kan sedih juga bahgia
Ku ini terjerat kernanya
Sesal lepaskan dia

Jalannya cinta menodai hati
Aku dicinta jalinan tiada pasti
Dan aku tak harus terkalahkan
Dan diriku terabaikan
Kuikuti jalannya hati

Memang cinta tiada bermata
Kisah cinta kan sedih juga bahgia
Ku ini terjerat kernanya
Sesal lepaskan dia

Dan aku tak harus terkalahkan
Dan diriku terabaikan
Kuikuti jalannya hati

I'd try to understand the main story behind this lyrics but still I can't get it... So, HELP ME!!! And sorry..will be missing in action for two days. Lot of stories and pictures to share but I'm going to Betong this evening for my cousin's wedding. Will update with you about his wedding on Monday.