Monday, January 16, 2006


Em... lots of thing happened month ago but I don't have enough time to do some report. The latest news from my mum this morning, my dad hit my lovely 'cutety' Wira with his Pajero... wa!!!!! She was send to EON for repair and should I add something extra on it? Should I?

I had a Christmas ngabang (visiting) with my friends....

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At Sula's house... She's now doing her KPLI at MAPERA.

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eM... we enjoy ourselves....

I attended my friend's wedding 2 days after Christmas... 27th la tu...

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The food...
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From this moment... we belong to each other
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MPSB reunion
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On the way back from Betong... em... durian...

I went to Sibu with my aunts, uncle, lil sis and cousins from my dad side. Visited Bukit Aup, shopping and the most important thing... Pasar Malam (sorry no pics)
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The Lanang Bridge... still under construction.
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The ritual platform at Bukit Aup... em..

And lastly... my journey back to my real place... yiha!!!
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The road condition.... isk isk isk...

Monday, January 09, 2006


Hi everyone... missing me is it? I'm back... Sorry for no news. I'm busy with some official and personal works.

Just came back form Kuching yesterday with my uncles and I slept all the way back. Three days in Kuching was quite fun. I met some friends and bought myself a new watch.

Can't wait this coming Friday... I did sms some of my network friends and we gonna meet somewhere in Kuching.

Will update the fruits season in Sarikei and my house may be next week... Sori... no pic for this post.