Monday, October 31, 2005


After a long battle of cancer, my church member @ friend's dad died peacefully on Thursday at 2:40pm. His wife, sons, daughter and his colleagues were there until his final breath. My mum called me the whole day but she only managed to get me around 11pm.

Two weeks ago, i visited him with the singer (his son's best friend) and W. His faith really amazed me... I still remember, he lead us in prayer although I want to do so. He loves talking to us... and never complaining his sickness. My tears dropped when we left his house and I wish I can still visiting him this coming holiday.

I was quite close to him because of this three reasons ; my church member, my friend's dad and we were working in the same department so there was a lot of things to talk about... And he never failed to give us advices. We miss his jokes... hm... but his youngest son remind us of him...

May his soul rest in peace

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dengue Campaign

Hi there... actually there's a lot of events this few days (weeks) but I'm quite lazy to write any post... Anyway, I'm still visiting some of my friends' blog... Dont worry...

Last week, on Friday... I joined the Dengue Campaign in Pakan. Haiya...lazy to write the report, just see some pictures here k?

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They gave us free t-shirt (em... one of the reason I want to come...) THANK YOU!

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Everyone busy....

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All the rubbish in Pakan Town including the dead leaves... Sikit je... This town is clean actually... Kenapa? Tak percaya? Come over la...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Deepest Condolence

Deepest condolence to our beloved Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi for the loss of his beloved wife, Datin Seri Hendon Mahmood.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Hi.. i'm back again... Hungry? Well, lets eat wet fried mee... for non Muslim only...
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Hmm.. this cat likes to play keyboard...
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Sorry... lazy to write....

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Sorry for no post... Will be back soon...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Which Sunday?

Em, forgot which Sunday...but it was a long Sunday, nothing else to do the whole day... being alone at home. So, to avoid myself from that situation decided to ask the kids to come over. After the morning service, I went to tamu bought some veges which cost me only RM3. Then I bought some chicken, hotdogs, bla, bla and bla.

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This vegetables cost me RM3.00

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bazaar Ramadhan

Hm… today is the third day of Ramadhan. As usual, every Ramadhan, there will be a Bazaar Ramadhan here in Sarikei, located at the Nyelong Waterfront.

Almost every evening me and lis sis went there to get some pics for my blog buy some food.
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The traffic was so busy...

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Raining... just wait inside the car for a while... waiting for the rain to stop.

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Too many choices... duh...

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Bought ABC from Acai, SMKBS student.

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And also..rojak sotong...

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View from the Nyelong Waterfront. See.. got ferry there, we use it to cross the Nyelong River, short way to Bintangor...

Hm... tommorow going back to dad's longhouse, help my aunt to plant paddy.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


MIA for a while okay? PMR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

One week review

What a busy week… *sigh* Last Tuesday, the singer, W and I went to town… my car can’t start but the singer manages to start it with his own skill. We went to Jabatan Perangkaan as they want all the penganggur to register there. I just accompanied them but the officer seem like he didn’t believe me when I said, I have a permanent job already. What? Look so young for that is it? Thank you…

Oh ya!!! Met Mr R and Miss J at Jabatan Pendaftaran… Got ya!!! Hehehe… well, no need to tell you guys what they are doing there… something good la… Makan free again this coming holiday. Yahuuu!!!!

After finish doing all the business with the 4pm office (they suppose to close at 5.00pm but normally they’ll close at 4.00pm and even worst before 4)… sent my car for service. Want to drop the singer and W at town so that they won’t wait for me but as they are so manja.. takut kena kidnap, they followed me.

We had our luncner (lunch + dinner) around 4.30pm. It’s quite late actually and we still have lot of things to do before go back to Pakan. After luncner, we split up to save our time. W went shopping at Ngiu Kee while the singer and I went to Millenium Bookstore, looking for some magazines and books. Then, while waiting for the singer to call his manager, W and I at the Sarikei Square, previously Tamu Sarikei.
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Lots of colourful light at nite and the water splashing everywhere... can mandi free...
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Good place for dating relaxing

Wednesday evening C entered my room while I’m sleeping. Wargh!!!! She really surprised me… She ask for help to ‘pecah masuk’ her house because she forgot her key inside. With a ‘blur-blur’ emotion I followed her to her house with some special equipments to open the door. Less than 5 minutes she entered her house and the door still in a good condition. Hehehe… banggalah tek…

7pm, badminton time!!! Guess what? The car can't start once again so A drove us to the Dewan Masyarakat. We played until 9pm. S and I won the first game against the singer and JB. Macam mana itu mix double boleh kalahkan itu men double? Another game, the UNIMAS team lost against the USM team that nite... (to be continued)...

Thursday...? Em... oh ya... borrowed H's car to see the car's doc (mekanik la...) at Pakan town. Went back home after the car got the medicine.
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The view of Pakan town from the main road.

Friday... drove dad's car to Pakan... normally I need 1 hour to reach Pakan but since Mum prepared me a breakfast... its quite late when I left home... Apa lagi... speed la... less than 45 minutes I reached Pakan.

Em.. i know my language sound teribble today... aiyah!!! just close ur eyes okay? busy bah...