Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merdeka Holiday

Yeabedabedu!!!!! Its holiday... woke up quite late this morning around 8am (considered as late, compare as usual). Plan to continue the sleeping hours but afraid the bad dream comes again i want to clean my house this morning.

Image hosted by
Jeng..jeng..jeng... i never seldom use this table for makan unless someone/friends coming. Hehehe... all in a mess. Dunno why the 'gayung' is on the table. Maybe my phone ringing while I'm taking my bath, so I ran to the phone and left the gayung there. Or maybe its raining (siling bocor) so I put the gayung to avoid the water from spreading on the table/floor. Or the gayung is used to kill the cockroaches.

Image hosted by
This is the first living thing I saw this morning when I open the door before I say hi to my neighbour. This beetle is struggling to overturn (correct word?) itself back to the normal position.

Image hosted by
I'm an animal lover... I help her.

Image hosted by
Previously I slept at the master room but I'm too small for that big room, I move to another room which is the smallest room. I sleep on the floor.. no bed because I dun have enough money to buy one... so kesian.

Image hosted by
When this 'tabung duit' is full, I'll buy a bed for me... may be in 2 years time.

Image hosted by
This capan (Iban's word) was given by my student. It's quite small actually... so I hang it on the wall. It is used to menampi (dunno the English word...Chrissie, help me).

After finish 40% cleaning my house, my stomach sang a wierd song. I called my friends and we went to kedai Ayau for breakfast. I ordered Ice Lemon Tea and laksa Sarawak. Went back after breakfast. Plan to continue the work but then I saw my PC on the table... really kesian because I didnt use her today.Hehehe.....

Okay... that's all. I don't have any special plan for today but its fine with me. I prefer gurin-gurin infront of my television, watching Hindi movie National Geographic.

Btw, how's your holiday?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Another Monday Blues...

I woke up early this morning around 4:30am coz I have to left home before 5:30 or else I'll be late to school. Mum was my first 'alarm clock' before the real alarm krinnnnggggggggg!!! Arrived at school around 6:30am after one hour driving, ALONE (argh!!!) at the haunted dark + gravel road. Luckily I didn't wash my car yesterday.... hehehe... ujan bah... jalan becak.

I didn't wear my baju kurung as usual. I was in the field for the first four period with my school athletes. Olahraga Pembangunan will be held this coming Thursday. Wah... so tired but i need to blog or you'll get bored when there's nothing to read. Lalala...

Called Uncle W but I think they still in Kota Belud. Lastly, I called J... he did call me few times before but I was driving and can't talk to him properly. When I called him this evening, he's driving...on his way back from Api-Api. He told me that Uncle W and family still in KB. Aunty S's mum was called by the Lord last week. Condolence from me and my family.

Lastly... I need your prayer... I'm sick... extra mucus blocking my nose at first and then come her twin brother...fever. That's all... I miss you.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Yuhu... How's your weekend? I sent my lil sis to her music class this morning. Then I went lepak-lepak while waiting for her... and as usual... I met lot of friends and relatives especially at the Tamu Nyelong...

10:15am lil sis finished her class. Both of us went to one coffee shop near the Tamu (Fred likes the kolo mee here very much).

The conversation between lil sis and the coffeeshop girl...

CS Girl : Minum apa?
Lil sis : Fresh barley ada?
CS girl : Tidak ada
Lil sis : Wheatgrass?
CS girl : Ada
Lil sis : Bagi saya air cincau
CS girl : sabar jak aku (dalam hati)

Me : Why dont you just ask for air cincau?
Lil sis : Hehehe....

Well, this is what I had for my breakfast this morning....
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Teh-C Peng.... (tea + milk + ice cube)

Image hosted by
Kolo Mee which cost me RM2.20 (Not sure this one considered as expensive or cheap but the taste ... yummy!!!)

I spent RM 7.20 for 2 kolo mee, 1 teh-C peng and 1 cincau this morning. Okay... that's all... enjoy your weekend... ta.. ta..

Thursday, August 25, 2005

What I Have For Lunch?

Big cousin make a visit this morning and gave me something inside the reused Nescafe bottle. I guess I know the thing inside the bottle coz this fellow always give me funny funny things to eat... He's the one (not forgotten my dad) who teach me to eat exotic foods...


Image hosted by
This is not the little chicken... their cousin in the Aves famliy

Image hosted by
I call this Yummy Bird Soup

Image hosted by
I dont know what kind of bird is this but I'm sure it's not the Protected Animal....

Image hosted by
Yummy!!! It's so delicious....

Image hosted by
Erk... finish oredi? Get another one.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Discover Pakan Part 1 (Jalan Pakan Wak)

Yesterday I went to Pakan... after 2 years i've been working here, then i knew that my grandpa's brother and my dad'd second cousin staying here. I made a visit to my Dad's cousin in Manding yesterday with lil sis. From Sarikei you can use personal car or bus (No6) to Pakan town. If you plan to use your own car u can directly drive to Manding through the Pakan Wak road... But if you plan to use bus... u need to find another transport to reach Manding as there's no bus service to Manding.

The road to Pakan... gravel and tar road... You need to drive around 20-40 km/h for your first time visit... then, its up to you as long as you know the road condition...

Here's some pics...

Image hosted by
On your way towards Bintangor/Sibu/Bintulu/Miri/Sabah/Philiphine you will see this signboard Pakan... turn right to the junction

Image hosted by
30 -60 minutes later (depends on how fast u drive) you'll see another signboard... turn right.

Image hosted by
The first longhouses area is Berasuk and on your left after the bridge is little piggy's cage.

Image hosted by
Patriotic longhouse people in Enturong. Me and lil sis stop for a while to take some pics here... very interesting. They hang the national and state flags at every house including the main enterance...

Image hosted by
On your left before the junction to Lempa Antu is one big tapang tree... There's rumours telling that this tree is haunted...believe it or not...
Tips : sing out loud when u pass this area and dont look at your front mirror.

Image hosted by
Finally... after 30-40 minutes you'll reach the Manding River....

Image hosted by
This shed generally use for the long house people in Manding to process the latex... one of the main income here...

Image hosted by
My dad's second cousin longhouse.... more than 3o families live here.

Well.. that's all for now... I'll bring you to another places next time... bye...

Perjalanan Mencari Chenta

Soory for the late update. Busy la this two days… I just came back from the Veterinary sending my cat...doing something related to birth control...

As I promise before, the story of Perjalanan Mencari Chenta (Mat’s idea) will be continued… Around 11am Mat and Jan reached at my house from Kabong. After lepak for about 1 hour (gelak-gelak tengok gambar lama from my album) we went to Sarikei to pick Sue up. Our next destination is Sibu. Called Ching Ching later.. ask her to get ready.

2 pm we arrived in Sibu… Ching still in Polyclinic… doing some volunteering job for the Special Olympic… Four of us join her for a while and took some pictures. She said she can’t go lepak with us but as usual… with our ‘kesian’ faces and of course we did ‘hasut’ her to ‘curi tulang’…

Ching brought us to the open air next to Premier Hotel… luckily Rin still shopping with her colleague somewhere near… so there was 6 of us… ex-Sainsrian… what a wonderful time after 8 years we left school.

Next… sent Ching back to Polyclinic coz her boss is looking for her… hehehe… Bye Ching… bye Rin…

Me, Jan, Mat and Sue went to Medan Mall and Kin Orient…. Looking for the DVD 9… Jan bought ONLY 1. Bagus beli di BANDARAYA jak….

6:30 pm… we separated at the Lanang Ferry junction. Me and Sue went back to Sarikei while Mat and Jan to Bintulu. They might come again this coming Friday together with Mac, Wan, Fara and Mas (Benarkah? Korang mauk red carpet ngan bunga manggar juak?)

Image hosted by
all in grey...

Image hosted by
The tallest girl in SMSM...

Image hosted by
Gaji ribu-ribu.... nya cuma belanja ABC special jak... lalala... no lah... we took our lunch oredi... no place for food... Thanks to you Ching... jangan mare... (she's very nice - Cikgu Suhaimi)

Image hosted by

At the same date, same time but different places, Perjalanan Mencari Chenta Kumpulan B explored the Niah Cave and Bekenu... Check this out... (thanks to Mas for the pics...and Mac)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Semuga bahagia ke anak cucu...

Image hosted by
Memang ada gaya 'Mencari Chenta'

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Surprise Part 2...

Last week my old old friends told me that they want to visit me here... they suppose to come this morning from Miri and this morning i received a phone call from Mac... Sekali ku tengok nombor opisnya...atiku berdebar-debar... "We can't make it this week... maybe another week... Wan is in ICU now"...Ah...sudah. I was about to book a flight ticket direct to Miri this morning to visit or give my last respect to Wan... Cis!!Cis!! hantu tul.... Kalau ya pun tak dapat datang Sarikei janganla guna alasan ICU... Sabar ajaklah...

I was frustrated a bit... I have nothing to do today because I'm suppose to busy-busy waiting for them... So... I slept the whole day....

3:30 pm - received a phone call from Jan.He and Mat is inside the Durin ferry... on their way to Sarikei... What a surprise.... Me as usual... potpetpotpet...'tadik madah sik jadi..tok pehal jadi indah? teruk na korang tok...bla bla bla..." Jan - "woi... aku datang mauk jumpa ko tok... ko mauk jumpa aku sik?" Me - " tunggu di sarikei"

4:30 pm - I met them after I left Miri 2003.... "Gemuk na ko Jan...Mat, ko makin ensem"

Being a Sarikeian, i seldom visit the interesting places here but since my friends form Miri and Bintulu are coming... lets lepak somewhere... hehehe...

Image hosted by
Inside Mat's car... They pick me up at the Ngiu Kee after sending Jan to visit Mr. WC... patut la... he sound soooo gentle when he answering my call..hahaha...

Image hosted by
Mat's car... we went to the new housing area at Taman Susur Jambu... (box houses...) we entered one of the empty house, dunno belong to whom. Pintu sik berkunci so masuk jakla... nangga pelan dalam rumah ya... (Mentang-mentang ko kerja jadi designer Jan)

Image hosted by
Lepak at the Sarikei Waterfront... Near the pineapple.... Mat, Sue and Jan in action...

Image hosted by
Beautiful sunset... Ada sunset paduhal kat sarikei tok... mun sik bawa kawan, sik aku tauk...

Image hosted by
Lepak2 at Taman Bukit Tangki Air...

Image hosted by
Never knew that Sarikei has a red in colour lychee syrup...

Oh ya!!! They brought some old old photos... masa agik 'ping'.... comelnya gambar dolok2. Hehehe...

To be continued tomorrow...

Thursday, August 18, 2005


What a busy day... huh...lalalalalala.....

I took my bath this evening after finish doing the analysis (made me headache)... I went to the living room and TAAA DAAAA... someone surprising me by hanging something on my door... I look around... may be that someone hide somewhere... hehehe... nobody there...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I think I know this person... thanks to you, H...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Benglish Language

Thanks to Kennysia for helping me to translate My LiFe to Benglish language....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I went back home last weekend... I hate goin back... not saying that I hate being at home but I hate driving in a gravel road when there's no rain for almost one month.

Haze...haze...haze... hehehe... I dunno the API reading....

Image hosted by
Normal condition

Image hosted by
'haze' in certain place only... hahaha

Image hosted by
No camera trick... trust me....

.....and i really kesian my Navy Blue little Kancil.... second colour... brown...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

It's My Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to lovely Gracie
Happy Birthday to me


Okay... this are name of persons who did wish me a hepi bday starting from 12am 13 Aug 2005 (excluding email, message...) phone call or face to face...

First : Fred.... (u had prove that u r my best'est' brother)
Second : Sula
Third : Pyan
Fourth : 1A
Fifth : Dawn
Sixth : Hamsi
Seventh : Forgot already

Thanks to everyone... and also to my online/bloggers friend.... ciao....

Friday, August 12, 2005


You might think that I'm the one who think and write this funny answers just to make my blog interesting... but logically... I cant think of this kind of answers.....

What would the giraffe do to stable itself?

1. Make the neck shorter.
2. Combine them and make deer.
3. Eat more plants
4. Because a giraffe contain legs is short
5. Make a lower neck for the giraffe (refer to no 1)
6. Sit down

Why are racing car made very low?
Kerana kereta itu rosak... (Michael Schumacher's car rosak... kihkihkih)

Well... I dont want to blame them... sometimes they are more creative then us... What is your answer for the question? Please don't refer to any books.... honestly...

I'd received a phone call from someone and that person did offer me ...secret... will not telling anyone first except my family... I called my mum and she called Fred, telling him about that news... Mum told me, he sound scared a bit... ngeh...ngeh...ngeh... why aaaa Fred? Not enough RM is it? Dont worry la...

Warkah Berlagu Pilu

I like this song.... Although Felix cant sing well at the final concert but I know he will not repeating the same mistake again.

One think that I really sure about this song... Warkah berlagu pilu sooner or later will 'meletup di pasaran'...

What's the story in this song? Ish... I really..really...really want the lyric.... hua.....!!!

Just part of it...

Lupakan semua kenangan
Yang bisa buat kau sedih
Sampai di sini sahaja cinta yang dipertahankan....

Lagu : Adnan Abu Hassan
Lirik : Faris

Ish... tak sabarlah nak dapat lirik penuh lagu ni.... Lagu ni kan.... dari lirik yang sikit2 tu macam mengisahkan yang perempuan tu sangat sukakan Felix tapi Felix tak dapat terima cinta dia tu... pandangan akulah... sebab pada 13 Ogos sempena bdayku yang ke-21, aku dapat lirik lagu ni... seronotnya...

Felix sebenarnya suka dengan perempuan tu tapi ada banyak halangan menyebabkan Felix terpaksa meninggalkan dia. Kesian perempuan tu tapi demi kebaikan semua pihak jadi Felix terpaksa cakap macam tu...

Kenapa Felix terpaksa tinggalkan dia? Mungkin keluarga dia tak sukakan Felix... (tak pelah Felix, ada banyak lagi orang tua kat Malaysia ni nak jadi mertua Felix) Mungkin ada orang yang ketiga/Felix jadi orang ketiga/perempuan tu jadi orang ketiga? (Wah... ni mesti seorang kena mengundur diri) Mungkin kenapa asyik nama Felix je ni? Hehehe... sebab Felix yang nyanyi lagu ni, jadi Felix la punya cerita... Kalau Fred yang nyanyi... gantikan semua nama Felix dengan Fred la..Fred punya cerita....abis cerita.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I never told my colleague about this blog except 2 close friends but I know they seldom surfing and wont tell anyone... But, yesterday morning one of my colleague called me.. " Grace, I'd found your blog" Its good if people found my blog but in the other side... aiya... need to be more careful in writing next time. Yalah... takut I tersasul sebab I selalu tulis pasal my daily life... anyway... To all my colleague, if u all 'tersinggah' in my blog please say something here.

I didnt write for how many days a? Sorry for that... On Monday I went out from this beautiful forest to meet my mum... Tuesday... we have a meeting. Wednesday... sick...sick...sick... Thursday... todaylah.... I blog....

I bought myself a new digital cam... hehehe.... Now I can post more pics... lalalala.....

Here, some pics of Anti-alcohol & Anti-smoking Campaign
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
I wish all the smokers and alcoholic person will reduce their habit at least...
Image hosted by
Wah... Watson Nyambek make a visit here....

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Suratan atau kebetulan

Ehem... aku nak tulis dalam Malay pulak. Bukan apa... hari tu aku buat laporan dalam Malay. Sekali aku baca balik, macam tak percaya aku yang tulis tu sebab waktu sekolah dulu aku selalu dapat A dalam Malay. Ayat yang aku guna memang songsang terbalik.. Tapi aku sedar aku memang pakar merosakkan bahasa... huk huk huk....

Aku jumpa lirik lagu ni. Hari tu aku dengar Aidil nyanyi masa konsert AF. Aku rasa aku nak tujukan lagu ni untuk seorang kawan aku la... Dia ada masalah... selalu mengadu dengan aku. Masalah untuk membuat pilihan... apa-apa sajalah pilihan... nak pilih baju apa nak pakai, nak pilih lauk apa dimasak, nak pilih warna apa best untuk langsir rumah dia, nak pilih handbag mana yang best dan paling teruk nak pilih boyfriend. Aku kalau part pilih yang lain tu masih bolehla tolong tapi kalau part pilih boyfriend, tak payah tanya akulah... Aku kurang arif...hehehe...

Kekadang memang susah jugak nak buat pilihan ni.... macam aku... benda paling susah aku nak pilih buat masa ni ialah masa depan aku sendiri... Kalau diikutkan aku yang betul-betul aku, tinggal kat tempat macam ni bukan pilihan aku. Tapi untuk meninggalkan tempat ini, aku perlu membuat keputusan yang betul...mana aku nak pergi lepas ni? Dulu aku berpeluang membuat pilihan tempat yang aku betul-betul nak pergi tapi atas desakan dan pujukan orang itu... akhirnya aku tersadai di sini. Hish... sakitnya hati.

Aku pernah juga jumpa seorang kawan... membuat satu pilihan tanpa kerelaan diri dan bila dia tersedar, dia berusaha mengubah pilihannya tetapi dah terlewat. Aku pun tak dapat nak tolong. Sampai hari ini aku tak tau sama ada dia masih frust atau tidak dengan pilihan terburuk yang dia pernah buat tu....

Kawan aku seorang paling best... kalau ada pilihan, dia buat tak tau je...

So, korang semua macam mana pulak? Kalau ada pilihan... apa tindakan korang???

Suratan Atau Kebetulan

Sesuatu yang tak disangka
Seringkali mendatangi kita
Itukah suratan dalam kehidupan
Atau hanya satu kebetulan

Kita asyik membicarakan
Persoalan hidup dan pilihan
Sedang kejujuran semakin berkurang
Masih tiada bertemu jawapan

Walau kita dihadapkan
Dengan berbagai pilihan
Mengapa sering terjadi
Pilihan tak menepati

Hingga amat menakutkan
Menghadapi masa depan
Seolah telah terhapus
Sebuah kehidupan yang kudus

Pertemuan sekali ini
Bagi diriku amat bererti
Tetapi ku bimbang untuk menyatakan
Bimbangkan berulang kesilapan

*nak minta maaf dengan sorang kawan, aku pernah tolong dia buat pilihan tapi pilihan aku tu buat dia makin sedih. aku pun sedih juga lepas tu tengok dia sedih sebab aku fikir pilihan tu boleh buat dia happy...tapi bukan salah aku, dia yang suruh aku buat pilihan untuk dia.* moral dari cerita ini - biar orang tu buat pilihan sendiri

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I read a lot of articles about men (not saying that I'm crazy to know about them)... for my general knowledge only ma. I met them everyday... everywhere... even in a toilet (dont think dirty2....) There's one time i entered the wash room wrongly in Sibu Airport, on my way to climb the Mount Kinabalu. May be i was so excited... hish. Luckily nobody inside but when I went out, there's a man standing outside... his face a bit weird and keep on looking at the the door. Malunya....

There's 1001 types of man when talking to a woman....

Polite - very soft spoken...whispering
'Flower' - speak with a lot 'flowers' words especially if he wants to get close to that girl (geli to this type of man)
Rubbish - speak only rubbish
Straight to the point - doesn't care that girl's feeling
Shy - always smile, less talk and dont dare to look at that girl's eyes
Funny - lots of joke
Quiet - wants girl to speak more... good listener
Drunken - only tell the truth when he get drunk. I like to kacau this type of man. I'll only ask questions when this kind of person get drunk but I'm good in keeping people's secret. *would like to apologize to someone*
High spirit - very proactive... none stop talking..(the saliva always 'tersembur')
Sensitive - very sensitive when girls making fun of them... sometimes they'll cry... aiyah!!!
Special topic - this type of man only can talk with others in certain topics only eg. car, fish, football, music, OMEGA Trend, DXN, ELKEN, etc etc.... (got to know more about football to talk with someone or else that someone will just keep quiet the whole session)

- listen first and only talk when needed
- dirty minded
- rude
- bla bla bla

What do you think? May be you can add some....

Monday, August 01, 2005

Back again

Back to school again after a week. I didnt get enough sleep for more than one week. This week is a pay back time. This evening I slept from 3 till 7pm. Woke up when I heard my phone ringing. Mum miss me... hehehe...

Sula called... I went to her place. Lepak-lepak with her for a while... Went back....bla bla bla *sigh* life is so boring....

Students are having their mid term exam this week. Maybe some of you are waiting for my students' answer... hehehe...

Sorry for no interesting topic. I cant even think of one.

Aiyah... what else? Ugh... Pesta Pakan will be held this coming weekend but I'm not here. Got to be back to long house. Muai Basa ceremony for grandpa will be held at the same date.

Okaylah... got nothing to say... feel sleepy already. Gudnite...