Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coaching or Teaching?

A week after started coaching the athletes for MSS Sarawak, I received a fax from my former school. Stated there I had an interview for pemangkuan DG44 bla bla bla... Hehehe... secret.. secret...

I hate intervew (I guess 95% readers agree with me). I hate when I have to start 'menghafal' everything.

Earlier in the morning I keep on thinking, I'm I going to that interview? What should I do if bla bla bla?

A few coaches called and sms me. Giving support la konon but they wish I failed the interview. Cis... sabar jak la aku.

Somehow, I went for the interview. Everything seems to be okay and I have to wait for another 3 months for the answer. In the other hand, I love coaching. I love being with my athletes, talking with them, sharing all the stories and knowing their background.

By the way, I might going to KK for a course this May... hehehe... I wish...