Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mawi vs Felix

AF fever is getting worst especially between Mawi's FC and Felix's FC. Two of my colleagues are among this peoples. Miss X is Felix's fanatic fan while Mr. Y really likes Mawi. Both of them always quarrel and Miss X is very allergic with the word WORLD... Just say WORLD infront of her... sure she will scream back to you...

Today... this Miss X and Mr Y start again. Both of them start to promote their favorite AF3 students and we just listening and as usual... jadi batu api. Saje... suka tengok orang kelahi. Sedar tak sedar mereka dua buat pertaruhan... If Mawi win, Mr Y will buy nasi lemak for all of us and if Felix win, Miss X will do the same thing too. We all apa lagi... makin membatu apikan mereka. Bukan apa... doesn't care who will win but for sure nasi lemak is coming... hahahaha....

BTW, from what i heard and i believe this... Miss X and Mr Y never vote both Felix and Mawi. I'm not the fanatic fan of Felix but I did vote him few times although sometime I felt stupid. Betulka kita punya undi menentukan kemenangan pelajar2 ni atau hanya percaturan pihak penganjur? But... to show that I support Felix, I vote him with my sincere heart. Waseh....

Oh ya... forgot to tell you. Last week the Form 3 students have their extra class for Science. I distribute the question paper 2 days before so that during the extra class, we just discuss the answer... save time ma...

One of my question sound like this..........
State the energy conversion when a baby is crying....
Student's answer....... Sound energy -chemical energy - heat energy - NUCLEAR energy.
Isk..isk..isk.. Sabar ajaklah aku... more thing. 2 more weeks, there will be a badminton tournament for MAKSAK Pakan. Mix doubles... hehehe... Smash drop trick win

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Being tagged by Chen and I need at least two days to answer all the questions.... Fred is right. I'm the girl who hate cooking with some acceptable reasons.
1. Staying alone... wasting time for cooking
2. I stayed in hostel since Form 1...
3. I love my mum's cook.
4. Fred and Deb always complaint my cooking because they love our mum's cook also.

What is your first memory of baking/cooking on your own?
Not sure... may be 3-4 years old... playing masak-masak with my friends... Other answer? Okay... 11... cook rice.

Who had the most influence on your cooking?
Me, myself... My mum keep on telling me to add more MSG to make the food tasty but for me MSG is not good for health. Observations on other peoples also...

Aiyah..i'll answer the next questions tomorrow. I'll save this one first.

Do you have an old photo as “evidence” of an early exposure to the culinary world and would you like to share it?
No... Just trust me...

Mageiricophobia - do you suffer from any cooking phobia, a dish that makes your palms sweat?
Em... em... no....

What would be your most valued or used kitchen gadgets and/or what was the biggest let down?
Dun have. Second hand from my mum's kitchen.

Name some funny or weird food combinations/dishes you really like - and probably no one else!
Lusit... small fish + chili + lemon + budu(preserved fish) + bla bla bla (alot of things)... taste like cencaluk but a bit weird... can't explain. Try it yourself. My colleagues don't like it so lucky me. Heh....

What are the three eatables or dishes you simply don’t want to live without?
1. Anuk (chicken la)... During my childhood time, people always asked me (make fun with me)... nama lauk Mang? and my answer is ANUK... I can stop my crying just to answer that question and continue crying after answering Anuk... kehkehkeh..sound so stupid..

2. Vegetables - a lot of vitamins ma.... good for my health.

3. Rice - no reason at all... just i like to eat rice... everyday have to eat at least once.

Any question you missed in this meme, that you would have loved to answer? Well then, feel free to add one!
Three quickies:
Your favorite ice-cream… : Red bean ice cream..
You will probably never eat… : Sago worm (Discover the sago worm in Fred's blog)
Your own signature dish… : Maggie mee...

And my own question that I would loved to answer:
Some exotic foods that i've been tried...
1. Snake - taste like em...dun know.. not really like it. Free, i eat. need
2.Frog - 5 star (cook in the bamboo - pansuh + 'bungkang' leaves)
3. Bat - okay... smelly a bit
4. Turtle - taste a bit like wildboar
5. Wildboar - the preserved one + 'kepayang' leaves is WAU!!!!
6. Porcupine - long time already..forgot the taste... nice la
7. Dabai fruit - found in Sarawak only...
8. Monkey - eee... tried once only 10-15 years ago... okay... (protected animals)
9. Cikada - crunchy...
10. Birds - different species different taste...
11. etc etc etc - i eat anything...

Yahuu... finish answering the questions. Now... i'm gonna tag :

1. Chris (a married Iban girl from Bintangor)
2. Chrisse ( Iban girl from Miri, study somewhere in Australia)
3. Fred (Iban boy - really like cooking )

Tell the world about pansuh and other Iban's food that i 'ter'miss.... hehehe....

Modern Farmer

Wah... my blog so long already not yet update ha (Lintang pukangnya bahasaku)... I'm so tired for the past few days... Lot of things to be done... eg, next week is Pre-PMR exam. The students more relax compare to their teachers... *sigh*

I plan to buy myself a land... Want to know why? With this kind of job and my own desire (beautiful clothes, makeup, perfume, car, digital cam etc) I need more income... What should I do? What did I learned during my tertiary days? Direct selling? (Spicegirls) Language barier... so hampeh my languages... Modelling? Ceh... ada ati...

Since I'm the Science (Resource of Biology) Degree holder... I'm quite good in farming.. trust me. My first step... I plant maize(s), kailans, longbeans..etc etc... since Chen wants to eat pineapple, may be should plant more pineapples.

Anyway... after thinking for so long... what a modern farmer should wear? The pics shows some of the stuff that I plan to wear... need your opinion hah...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The shoes...

Image hosted by
Farmers always wear this (trademark)

Image hosted by
Inside ( That one a bit transparent especially when sweating so need something to cover)

Image hosted by
Green or red?

Image hosted by
So hot... need some anti-aging stuff...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Congratulations Grace, you are...

minishorts of

You are outgoing, direct, smart, pretty, and a definite go-getter. You are frank, a little too frank perhaps that sometimes you get on people's nerves and make them very upset. If people attack you, you hit back with triple the force without blinking because you are the kind of person who knows exactly what you are talking about or else you wouldn't talk about it. Your quick-thinking is what makes you special. You are an elitist.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Way Felix Dance....

I watch the Konsert Akademi Fantasia 1,2 and 3 so many times already without getting bored. I dont know why (may be) but I enjoyed watching Felix's performance. His dance remind me of someone especially when he dance for Mawi... Gadis Melayu. The way he dance really shows that he used to dance during the Pesta Kaamatan or other similar pesta. Tell me if I'm wrong but its based on my experience and my observation on the peoples around me. Hik.... AFUNDI Felix...

Draw a Pig Result

I just tried the Draw a Pig (try it).

My pig... look like a new species rite? Hahaha... I'm so bad in drawinglah...but the pig look so friendly.

My result? Heh... wont tell you.... You can guess it by yourself .

Image hosted by

Monday, June 20, 2005

The jokes

This morning felt so dizzy as today is the first day of the week... MONDAY!!!! .
I read Reader's digest at the library. Just wanna share the jokes/quotations that I read today... Need your opinionlah..hehehe....

" A guy know he's in love when he loses interest in his car for a couple of days"
" The quickest way to a man's heart is through his chest"
"Money wont buy friends but you get a better class of enemy"

How about this?
"When women menopause...the Men No Pause.... "

Sunday, June 19, 2005


I didnt go to church this morning. Church service start at 8.30am and I woke up around 9am. Feel bad also...

I follow my mum and dad to town. Want to buy Science reference book for my students at Anthonian Book Store (my brother wrote in his blog Pejalai... everyone will buy their reference book at this store... true lah!!! )

Accompany my mum to buy some vegetables... fruits... etc etc at Tamu Nyelong. Meet my relatives from my mum and dad side, my friends, my colleagues, my church members... lot of them. 10 steps... eh.. Aunty X. Another 15 steps... hai Uncle Y. Another 20 steps... hello Miss Z... wah... so many friends and relatives here.

Tomorrow.......Monday blues Monday black Monday grey for sure.

Some pics to colour my blogs since its look dull without colourful pics...

Image hosted by

My bro's new Levi's cost my dad Rm2xx

Image hosted by

XX and XY fingers

Image hosted by

Give me a kiss...

Friday, June 17, 2005

My Kancil New Look

I went to town with my colleague today. She's going to Kuching...registering her PJJ - Long Distance Learning. After sending her to meet her hubby at the coffee shop, I went to Telekom... remember that day I forgot to pay my bill? I did ask Mok but she reached town a bit late. I checked my latest bill at the counter and I'm not surprise when they told me... Miss Grace, kitak dah bayar bill kitak nok dolok ya. Ha.... see...see... I pay already what??? Ish... this Telekom... sapa ndakkah kawan aku kerja Telekom tok eh....

I was so bored and finally I stopped at the car accessories shop. I checked my purse... still have extra cash for this month. Hehehe... my Kancil tinted at last. I have to 'give' my Wira to my mum because that manja car cant go to Pakan. Isk..isk..isk... if only I know that I'll be teaching in Pakan, should ask my dad to buy me a lorry... bulldozer... or 4WD. Hehehe...

What's next? Should think about the sound system and do something with the body...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another Story...

Friend of mine... he teach one subject in my class. Yesterday he gave me the 1st sem result for his subject and I was surprise when one of my missing student who didnt come to school about a month also get her mark. I ask him if the student came during the exam...Who knows? May be she likes his subject and come to sit for his exam only. I checked my class record and it shows that the student didnt come on that day...Em....???????

He asked me to ignore the mark, may be its just a mistake... but I know he will investigate. When I went to my class, I asked my students and they gave me that student's answer paper. How come? She really sit for his exam? Wow!!!!

I gave him back that answer sheet and few minutes later I heard he laughed... I think he discovered something...

(Note: last exam he also did the same thing to our colleague)

Another friend... checking the paper and asking himself... did I teach this to my students?

Question : Apakah tanda kebesaran diraja?
Student's answer : Gundik diraja

Question : Mengapakah Nabi Mohammad berhijrah ke Madinah?
Student's answer : Nabi Mohammad berhijrah ke Madiah kerana hendak mengerjakan haji.

I also experienced the same thing... last year. Questions about Green House effect but it was in BM.

Terangkan istilah Rumah Hijau?
Untuk tukang kebun sekolah menyimpan alat-alat seperti cangkul dan parang.

Apakah kesan Rumah Hijau di kawasan pantai?
Untuk menarik pelancong dengan bunga-bunga yang cantik.

Isk...isk...isk... sedihnya hatiku membaca jawapan seperti itu.

What happen between Reza, Idayu and Amylea?

Isk...isk... as a teacher, there's no word of lunch time at 12.30. Three days i didnt watch the Diary AF. What happen between Reza, Idayu and Amylea? Can anyone out there tell me something?

What song Felix goin to sing this week?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Prep malam

Yesterday I was so tired... waden on duty bah. Plusssss... my students (boys) didnt come for lunch and dinner. Dont want to talk about this... quite a big issue but last nite was funny. Macam biasalah, masa prep malam...bila dah abis masa, waden akan 'pankong' loceng. Aku jalan-jalan, tengok-tengok student balik. Yalah... takut ada yang sik tauk jalan balit... tetiba melencong tempat lain kan? kan?

Then, aku pergi ke jalan besar. Dari jauh aku tengok ada satu blok PIBG (6 kelas)... pelajar masih sibuk belajar. Aku pun hairan... tapi aku biarkanlah. Bagus juga kan... insaf lepas Gawai. 5 minutes later they went out from their class. Suddenly bila nampak aku berdiri tengah jalan raya... they run back to their class and shout to their friends "Tama kelas... tama kelas. Cikgu Grace ngipa kitai"(Masuk kelas... masuk kelas..Cikgu Grace buat roadblock). Aik...? Bila masa aku tak suruh mereka balik ni?

Mau tak mau terpaksala aku berjalan ke blok tu sambil melihat pelajar-pelajarku yang penuh dengan kepura-puraan membaca dan menulis. Sekali aku jerit "Anda boleh balik sekarang!" Ceh...kan main gik riuh lepas ya.

Aku tanya kenapa tak nak balik? Tak dengar loceng ka? Mereka jawap aku... kami fikir loceng tadi tu main-main sebab pelajar lelaki selalu buat loceng sendiri. Lepas tu aku pun jelinglah ke blok pelajar lelaki... mereka pun baru keluar. Ha... buatlah selalu loceng tu... kan dah 15 minit korang lambat balik.

Yesterday morning... (undur balit cerita aku)... as usual . I asked Alex to read the question but looking at Collin. I asked Dominic to answer..waiting for him to answer..ask the class...where's Dominic? Still at his longhouse? Their answer "Dominic is not in this class teacher" O.....

Okaylah... want to watch TV... see you again, may be tommorow.

Monday, June 13, 2005

I Forgot 2 Pay My Phone's Bill

Do u ever heard of word nyanyuk? Do you know the symptoms of nyanyuk?

Today I received a letter from TMNET telling that I didn't pay my phone's bill for 2 months. Malunya aku!!! Its cost me RM78.08 only.... for sure the teller will think that I'm so pokai until I can't pay my bill. Luckily, my friend, Ursula going to town today and of course I asked for help....Mok... tolong Mok. Hehehe....

Apa dah jadi dengan aku? Hari ya 3 stesen minyak aku limpas... sik juak aku beli minyak. Dah sampei rumah baru aku ingat tujuan aku keluar guna Kancil ya adalah untuk isi minyak.

Tapi... biasala... aku kan busy... banyak benda lain aku kena fikir, jadi... sik da kaitan ngan perenggan pertama... hahaha.... Sesapa mauk belikan aku hadiah masa birthday aku tahun tok... fikir-fikirlah hadiah untuk orang macam aku... sibuk... Heh...

Tonite aku cerita pasal hari pertama aku di sekolah lepas Gawai k? Bye... ZZZZZZZZZ....

Sunday, June 12, 2005

No Sound System

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wa!!!!!!!!!! Tension.... $#%*&&@@@!&!!!!... I totally forgot about my home theater (the player). I sent for repair during the holiday and suppose to take it back today. Mak!!!! Aku tau la boleh dengar guna volume kat TV tu sendiri tapi aku tak pandai nak sambung. Kawan aku yang tolong aku sambung wayar-wayar dulu tengah kursus ETEMS. Terpaksa aku belajar bahasa bibir... macam Grimsom.

Elliza Keluarla.....

Wargh!!!!!!Elliza is out from the AF. I'm quite surprise with that because I thought Fuad or Reza or Aidil will get the lowest AFUNDI. Anyway.... Felix still in the top 2 with Mawi. I listened to Mawi's voice yesterday nite. It's was good... no doubt people like him so much. Well, I dont really care who will be the winner this year...but I think Felix and Mawi are my first choice.

By the way, Kefli was good lastnite. He shows improvement in his vocal... The rest... Amylea... sexy. Marsha... well, I'm a bit confuse when she said that she can't eat seafood because of her religion. From what i read and heard, she's a Christian. I'm aslo a Christian but I can eat seafood. Is anyone out there can tell me... konpiusla....

Tommorow...argh!!! have to wake up early... 5am.... Then have to drive to pakan... gravel road... alone... dark... a lot of big lorries... hua!!!!!!

This morning after church had a breakfast with Philip and Martin. Philip belanja...yea...yea... Martin...if u read this... i think u need to plan some diet. Jangan mare... nantilah aku ajar ko cara-cara slim macam aku. Heheheh....

Okaylah.. cau cin cau....

Friday, June 10, 2005

AFUNDI Felix!!!

AFUNDI The One And Only.... Felix.....
AFUNDI Elliza and Marsha too if u have extra money....

Am I fanatic with Akademi Fantasia? Hem... not really sure bout that. Maybe I dun have much work to do becoz of the school holiday or maybe influence by my father and my sister. They can sit infront of the TV to watch the Ujibakat AF for the whole day. I'm not sure but I like AF3 more compare with the first and second AF

3 words about my 3 favorite AF3 students.

Felix - selamba, sempoi, lawak

Elliza - cute, happy, adorable

Marsha - suara muka kacak (baca tanpa koma atau noktah)

I hope at least 1 of them will be in the final. By the way, I like Reza also becoz he has the speciality in molah lawak bodo. Pis pis kacang pis...

3 days left...

Argh!!!! Only 3 days left and i have to return back to Pakan. I really hate this.... still in holiday mood. My.. my.. my... starting from June... there will be a training for athletes under 13, extra classes for my 4 class of Form 3, daily lesson plans, preparing the questions for PMR trial, Girl Guide etc etc etc....

Aku baru dapat borang pengesahan dalam jawatan. Skim pencen or KWSP? I choose KWSP. I did ask my colleague and I can say almost 95% took Skim Pencen. What's wrong with KWSP? I dun care....

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Perbualan di telefon...

Hello. Mana kamu?
Hai. Sini. Di kedai. Shopping.
Apa hal?
Tak ada apa-apa. Best kamu selalu shopping.
Kamu di mana?
Tengah minum dengan kawan.
( Sabar ajaklah....) sambil menekan butang handphone untuk call back.

Apa hal?
Lain kali kalau nak letak telefon boleh tak cakap bye bye dulu?
Aku nak letak telefon ni
Woi!!! Bye la....

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dimut & Sam Wedding Day

Hi...just came back from Kuching. Yesterday 4th June 2005 was one of my top list friend's (Dimut) wedding day with her beloved hubby... Sam.

The wedding reception was in Habour View Hotel in Kuching. I met my Unimas friends. This is my story....

Jumpa kawan lama buat jiwa aku kembali macam zaman-zaman kat Unimas. Aku rasalah dan aku yakin meja 18 is the most GILA-GILA during that nite. Awal-awal sampai... orang sibuk tunggu pengantin, we all sibuk bergambar. Bila pengantin sampai... pengantin pun sik senang duduk di tempat yang disediakan... mala jak jeling-jeling meja kamekorang. Ujung-ujung memang lepak sia... especially pengantin perempuan.

To my frens (table 18)... Simba, Pudun, Ronald, Adrian, Griffith, Griffith's partner, Rudy... Korang kelak mun ada pembiakan tut, tampang, belahan dedua, sulur paut????, rizom atau apa-apa ajaklah... padahla dengan aku. Mun FSTS students dah jumpa... lawak ala-ala sains nang sik dapat lari...

Image hosted by
Table 18 with the bride & groom

Image hosted by
FSTS Students

Image hosted by
Dimut, Me and Sam

Image hosted by
Soalan : Yang mana satukah pengantin perempuan?

Image hosted by
Bonus : Pame's wedding (Dec 2004)