Monday, January 09, 2006


Hi everyone... missing me is it? I'm back... Sorry for no news. I'm busy with some official and personal works.

Just came back form Kuching yesterday with my uncles and I slept all the way back. Three days in Kuching was quite fun. I met some friends and bought myself a new watch.

Can't wait this coming Friday... I did sms some of my network friends and we gonna meet somewhere in Kuching.

Will update the fruits season in Sarikei and my house may be next week... Sori... no pic for this post.


@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Fruits season at Sarikei...yummy! I wonder if they are as good as those in Julau? :)

Can't wait for your photos!

Jellyfish said...

missing u
how u know?

hornbill said...

low... the fruits are yummy!!!
Jelly..I'm fine.. tq..

Chen said...

ya, kita orang rindu kat u :P
looking forward to seeing the Sarikei fruits picture :D