Sunday, September 14, 2008

Penubuhan Malaysia 1963

Hm... I'm bad in History subject since i was in school. Somehow our politic issues make me quite excited to dig out some of Malaysia History especially the formation of Malaysia in 1963. Its quite interesting to know something that actually new for me... (hehehe.. I told you already.. I'm bad in History but i got A for my PMR and C4 for my SPM)

Anyway... just want to tell the whole world that I am proud to be a half Dayak and a half Chinese. What can you say to me? I was born as a Sarawakian in 198* so I am Malaysian isnt it?


Anonymous said...

hah!kira terer da ko tu grace..aku pmr sjarah C ja.siap gaduh ngan ckg sjarah aku..kui3X

Markie Marc said...

You are a Malaysian!!! Definately. And yes Malaysia was FORMED on 16of SEPTEMBER 1963. And my history also teruk... wekekeke... And i am also proud be be a Kadazan who speak in Dusun too!!! Wakakakaka

wis said...

sori to say but with the current leadership and the faiure to fulfil the promises made in 1963, i am quite ashamed - i'd rather be a british