Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Iban Traditional Food

Hey there!!! Here some photos of 'must food that Iban cook for any celebration'... Enjoy it.. This is what we call manuk pansuh or bamboo chicken.... My rate :5 stars.

Palm oil shoot with chicken... the taste so sweet but not as sweet as coconut shoot. My rate :4.5 stars

Inside the black wok is soy sauce pork, my rate : 4 stars. While on the right side is 'pantu' shoot with chicken... Pantu is one type of palm species. The taste a bit bitter. My rate : 3.5 stars

My mum homemade rice wine... My rate : 5 stars..... eventhough I'm not that kind of wine lover... hahaaha... my mum cook all 5 stars...

Bamboo rice... My rate : 5 stars....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Semua 5 stars enti ku meri rating.

Tuak ngalau / ngirum ka aku...suba enda datai maya event besai (jaku tundi).

Enti mansa Sarikei ka ga niki ngabas tuak nya.