Monday, October 31, 2005


After a long battle of cancer, my church member @ friend's dad died peacefully on Thursday at 2:40pm. His wife, sons, daughter and his colleagues were there until his final breath. My mum called me the whole day but she only managed to get me around 11pm.

Two weeks ago, i visited him with the singer (his son's best friend) and W. His faith really amazed me... I still remember, he lead us in prayer although I want to do so. He loves talking to us... and never complaining his sickness. My tears dropped when we left his house and I wish I can still visiting him this coming holiday.

I was quite close to him because of this three reasons ; my church member, my friend's dad and we were working in the same department so there was a lot of things to talk about... And he never failed to give us advices. We miss his jokes... hm... but his youngest son remind us of him...

May his soul rest in peace


Chen said...

May your church member @ your friend's daddy Rest In Peace..

hornbill said...