Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pesta Pakan

Friends, come over to Pakan on the 6th August this year. Not sure what will happen here but u can stay with me (girls only). Pesta, its sound so happening but make sure you are willing to visit the long house for that. I'm not goin to the long house... got a lot of things to settle here. I heard there will be a beauty contest... (Pekit Kumang)... Gurls, want to be the contestant? Chrissie, over to Sarawak.

What else will happen here?

From what I heard... there also will be some events like

1. Futsal
2. Singing contest (want to take part)
3. 100 m (under 15)
4. Rafting
5. Aerobics
6. Games

And the most important thing... you'll meet me in person. Just ask around, where can I meet the cutest teacher? They will bring you to me... heh...


Chen said...

Pesta Pakan? Sounds interesting... Well, I've never been to Pakan before :P But too bad loh... busy lah at that time :( Most of the time, I only balik kampung once a year..

Cutest teacher ah? kekekke... *wink*

hornbill said...

em... nevermind. Cutest teacher... dont believe aaa????

fred said...

counting the lubang on the road also got aAA????

Chen said...

*wink* means i agree with what u say mah.. i didnt say i don't believe woh.. :P

hornbill said...

Chen.. i know... thank you.
Not lubang now... kawah i tell you.

Chen said...

hope I can meet the cutest teacher one of these days :) Dunno when is my next trip back home :D

Anonymous said...

okok ill go..i wanna be contestant! hehehe..cant win those pakan babes lah =p

thanks for the invite.. will definately look for the cute teacher