Saturday, July 30, 2005

Grandpa's funeral

19th July 2005
Grandpa admitted in Sarikei General Hospital.

21st July 2005
They said my grandpa just need a rest.

22nd July 2005
My dad, aunts and uncles didnt satisfy... brought him to Rejang Medical Centre.

23rd July 2005
They said my grandpa is in critical condition. Transferred to Sibu General Hospital.

25th July 2005
6:58am - My grandpa left us due to septicaemia with paralytic ileus (dont know what is this) according to the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
10:10am - I was informed by my colleague
12:00am - Arrived at long house... famliy members left only grandma and I, the rest was in Sibu. Really dont know what to do...
3.00pm - Grandpa's body arrived from Sibu

28th July 2005
Grandpa's body burried at Pendam Adong

May his soul rest in eternal peace

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Words from the Bible

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The last pic with grandpa

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Flowers for our beloved grandpa

Deeply missed by all the family members


NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Again, my condolences to you, Grace.

Anonymous said...

it is a sad month.... :(


Chen said...

sorry to hear that... so many sad events happening in these few days... :( Deepest condolence to u & everyone in your family..

Shelley said...

my deepest sympathy. death is part of life, and life must go on in spite of it. take care, u two...

Anonymous said...

sorry about your grandpa. hopefully everything is alright now. stay strong for the family.


hornbill said...

thanks... pray for my grandma...

Fina said...

My condolences, Che.. sorry to hear more than one family member passed away - be strong and hope they rest in peace.

chris anakapai said...

My deepest condolences to you & family. Yeah, pray that your grandma will be strong in times like these.

I was off from the net for some time, so i was really surprised to hear about your loss.

'Besampi ka samengat aki nuan awak ka bulih pengasih Allah Taala serta pengidup ti meruan'

hornbill said...


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