Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pesta Nanas Sarikei - Last Day

Today is the last day for pesta nanas... no plan to go but i met my colleagues at town and they brought me there because they need my camera. This is the third time I went there so of course its quite bored... After captured some pics of them, I went in front of pentas khas.

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The rehearsal.... Nurul Ajai will perform tonight

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Finally I found the nanas

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I took this picture... then come the owner

"Saye paling kecewe kalau orang ambik gambar saje ni..."
"Encik nak saya beli ka ni?"
"Saye kecewe sebab cik tak ambik gambar saye"

*sigh*..... kalau setakat tu, nak ambik 10 keping pun boleh gak tapi dia yang tak minta.... Sorry ye.....

Sarikei is out of gula kasar.... We went to more than 10 shops.... Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

heard bout the shortage of sugar backhome. didnt that it was that bad!!!

hwo was nurul and ajai?


hornbill said...

nurul and ajai? not stayin together anymore because of the third party... that what i heard and nurul also told that to the press... "30% from our misunderstanding is because of third party..."