Thursday, April 14, 2005

Back again to pakan

Well, I'm back again to pakan after 3 weeks. Frankly speaking, i need a time to adapt myself to this environment again.. teaching, cooking by myself, eating alone, sleeping alone (without my athletes) etc etc... I miss my time during the sports.

Em... what can i do for this week? I need a rest. Then start my lesson with my form 3 students. I know some of them miss me (hehehe).

Pakan... want to know about this place? I'll tell more about pakan next time.

C ya....

Jurulatih yang letih


adik lu said...

you tiru me what.
good luck la. nobody come to your blog. Like this la. me promo yours you promo mine.

'Thought & Humor' said...

Thought I would stop in to say, "Hi"!!!


'Thought & Humor'
Harvard Humor Club

bitara1 said...

coba ajak tuk!

hornbill said...

Hai Bitara1. Sapa kitak?