Sunday, April 17, 2005

View from my Lemujan Apartment in Pakan

For the first few month in Pakan I still feel that this place never welcome me. I tried my best to apreciate this place like the other places before. I can't contact my friends, no phone, no internet, no ocean, no sunset, no badminton court.... what a terible place.

I learned something later. I need to appreciate this place no matter what (I like this song - no matter what - when i was in matriculation). From time to time I let the nature to overcome my uncomfortable feeling. My dad bought a video cam. I took a picture from my apartment. The result....jeng jeng jeng... I found a good place to view the sunset finally. Though it is not as good compare to Tanjung Batu, Jambatan Gantung Satok, Esplande Miri, Benteng and Pantai Damai but I realy like it. The air is still fresh.

This is one of the nice view in Pakan...

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