Sunday, April 17, 2005

My Childhood Time In Ulu Entaih, Pakan

My hometown is not in Pakan but as my dad and mum was teaching in Ulu Entaih, Pakan from 1979-1989 so I was grow up in Pakan. Last time we had to spend at least one day to reach Ulu Entaih from Sarikei. From Sg. Paoh (my village) we used my dad’s old model Toyota black car to Ng. Engkamop. It took more than 3 hours. The villagers will wait for us in the jetty with their long boat (I really hate this during that time… I’m a travel sickness person). After about 8 hours we will reach Bebelit but it depends on the river condition (I still remember, there’s a lot of time we had to spend overnight at the riverside companied by the mosquito, flies and some strange sounds from the nature). From Bebelit we had to walk for 1 and half hours to my first school. It such a great experience for me but now this place is accessible by road. The villagers only need less than 6 hours to reach Sarikei town.

Experience the boat ride journey... cool and clear water

Once a month the flying doctor and nurses will come to the village. We call the heli bilun engkabang.

That was my dish!!!

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