Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merdeka Holiday

Yeabedabedu!!!!! Its holiday... woke up quite late this morning around 8am (considered as late, compare as usual). Plan to continue the sleeping hours but afraid the bad dream comes again i want to clean my house this morning.

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Jeng..jeng..jeng... i never seldom use this table for makan unless someone/friends coming. Hehehe... all in a mess. Dunno why the 'gayung' is on the table. Maybe my phone ringing while I'm taking my bath, so I ran to the phone and left the gayung there. Or maybe its raining (siling bocor) so I put the gayung to avoid the water from spreading on the table/floor. Or the gayung is used to kill the cockroaches.

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This is the first living thing I saw this morning when I open the door before I say hi to my neighbour. This beetle is struggling to overturn (correct word?) itself back to the normal position.

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I'm an animal lover... I help her.

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Previously I slept at the master room but I'm too small for that big room, I move to another room which is the smallest room. I sleep on the floor.. no bed because I dun have enough money to buy one... so kesian.

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When this 'tabung duit' is full, I'll buy a bed for me... may be in 2 years time.

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This capan (Iban's word) was given by my student. It's quite small actually... so I hang it on the wall. It is used to menampi (dunno the English word...Chrissie, help me).

After finish 40% cleaning my house, my stomach sang a wierd song. I called my friends and we went to kedai Ayau for breakfast. I ordered Ice Lemon Tea and laksa Sarawak. Went back after breakfast. Plan to continue the work but then I saw my PC on the table... really kesian because I didnt use her today.Hehehe.....

Okay... that's all. I don't have any special plan for today but its fine with me. I prefer gurin-gurin infront of my television, watching Hindi movie National Geographic.

Btw, how's your holiday?


fred said...

waiseh... where is sarikei pic for me....

Chen said...

me ah? My hols?
Resting at home loh..
since on call yesterday as well as tomorrow :) Going out for late breakfast plus lunch in the late morning with hubby.. (will blog about that later on..) Malas to go out as well lah...;)

use gayung to kill cockroaches?
Good lah u :D

I see u have two bolster.. one big one & one small one :P

hornbill said...

fred..lot of skei pics here. Take la...
Chen... hehehe... can't sleep without bolster.

Anonymous said...

eh i tot gayung for err toilet use. hehe wat is it doin on the table?

kill cockroach with that kah? die lah. wont use it to mandik anymore

eehh jeles la i wan laksa.yumyum

menampi? ahaha u ask me ka? err i dunola. to sieve kah?


hornbill said...

chrissie... u so lawak la.. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

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